Petibisou, French Style Children's Clothes in Malaysia

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This post was written by Jivani Jeyasingam

FOR DIANE CONQUEST, moving here from LA four years ago with her husband and two young children was exciting. There were so many different places to explore, delectable foods to taste, cultures to absorb, and an eclectic group of people to meet.

After one year of living in Kuala Lumpur, Diane’s passion for fashion propelled her to pursue a new and deeper challenge in children’s fashion by creating her own clothing line. Her primary goal was to do something she loved while still remaining a dynamic mother and wife.

As Diane brainstormed for a name, her girls ran into the house, jumped on her lap and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and ran away. This spontaneous action from them suggested the name “petibisou”, “little kiss” in French.

Petibisou is influenced by French classic and modern designs which in part derives from the experience Diane gained while living as a student in Paris and working for a prestigious fashion boutique for children. French design is chic, elegant yet subtle. Diane became a mother for the first time while living in the LA Hollywood Hills and so was influenced by the style of child celebrities living and working there. Thus, Petibisou design is a perfect mixture of French classic modern design and Hollywood dazzling fashion.

“Creating, designing and managing Petibisou for over two years has given me great joy,” Diane says, admiting that it does not feel like work. “The good feedback I get from the stores and, most importantly, from the customers on the uniqueness and difference in my designs encourages me to work even harder.” When asked which future plans Diane has, she responds without hesitation, “I would definitely like to see more boutiques carrying my clothing line. I would love to have my line represented in Singapore and Hong Kong. Who knows, I might even create a full line for adults one day. But for now, I am concentrating on my future collections which will be focused on branding my Petibisou label as an exquisite and unforgettable label.


Petibisou clothes are available in stores at Happi Kiddo in Publika Gallery. Visit the online store at, or find Petibisou on Facebook.

Source: The Expat October 2012

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