Two Great Ways to Book Taxis Online in Kuala Lumpur

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We all know that booking a taxi is no pleasure in Kuala Lumpur or, for that matter, anywhere in Malaysia.  Fortunately, some Malaysian entrepreneurs plan to tackle this problem with their own independent innovative digital products: Taxi Monger and MyTeksi.

Both of these products allow you to efficiently book taxis without have to deal with a traditional hotline / call center.

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Taxi Monger

Taxi Monger is based in KL, was launched in 2012, and has plans to expand internationally.  This application is designed not only for booking taxis but also reviewing taxis.   The review function is based on user-generated input.  Passengers can use taxi number plates to find ratings and comments and also submit their own ratings and comments.  Naturally, this product is in early stages but it has a lot of potential.

You can use this product through their website and Android app.  They are also working on an App for the Apple iPhone and iPad.


MyTeksi is another internet-based taxi booking solution.  This company was founded by two Malayisan graduates from Harvard Business School.  This application extends booking functionality further by using GPS to identify taxis nearest to you on Google maps. Awesome.

You can use this product through their website, iPhone and iPad app, and Andorids app.

You can watch an introductory video to their product here:



Have you used either of these products? Post your thoughts below.

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