What Would You Look Like in a Police Sketch?

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Remember those older crime movies with the the police impressions of the suspect?  Or remember the detectives questioning the witness to get insights about key facial features, so they could draw an impression?

Well, with this application FlashFace, you can create a sketch of yourself or others, just like those police versions.  This face sketch application allows you to select from a variety of facial features, head, hair, eyes, nose, lips, and more.  Additionally, you can further modify those preset features by adjusting the individual feature’s transparency or size.  If you have time to kill, you can really create a strikingly similar sketch image of someone.

I had never heard of this application before, but it appears quite a few others have. FlashFace’s Facebook page has over 25,000 likes.  You can also download the application for Android and iOS, or just play around with it directly on the FlashFace website.

I tried sketching a quick version of myself and posted it below.  You can can compare it to a real picture of me on the About Us page.  Any resemblance?  Personally, I think I would have escaped scott free from a suspect lineup.

Nick Davison Sketch using FlashFace


Feel free to post your face sketches in the comment section below.  


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You look like your Uncle James!!!

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