Top 10 Leaping Videos in January 2013

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Social media is a powerful medium for music, news, and stories to spread rapidly through society.  Before social media, publishers could much more heavily influence public interest.  Social media now lets the public directly create huge awareness and endorse topics by sharing.  Thus, we like to cover this interest by publishing each month the 10 most shared videos in social media.  You can check out our other Top 10 Leaping Video articles here.


Here is a list of the top 10 leaping (shared) online videos in January 2013.   Click a link below to leap down the page to watch that viral video.

  1. Rihanna – Diamonds
  2. –  Scream & Shout 
  3. One Direction – Kiss You (Official) 
  4. Paperman – Full Animated Short Film
  5. “THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading” – A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL
  6. Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven
  7. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop Feat. Wanz (Official Video)
  8. Pulcino Pio – El Pollito Pio
  9. A Pep Talk from Kid President to You
  10. P!nk – Try


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1. Rihanna – Diamonds

For the third month in a row, Rihanna has held the number one position for the most shared online video!  Rihanna’ s Diamonds video was shared approximately 3,600,000 times.  In December 2012, the video was shared approximately 4,100,000 times, and in November 2012, the video was shared 5,700,000.  The video’s number of shares during each month is trending lower but it’s certainly been the leader of viral videos for a long time.


2. – Scream & Shout’s Scream & Shout music video featuring Britney Spears returned to the top 10 most shared video list, taking spot number 2.  In January 2013, this video was shared approximately 2,600,000 times.  The shares for this video during this month is about two hundred thousand shares more than last month.



3. One Direction – Kiss You (Official)

English-Irish band One Direction has returned to the monthly top 10 list.  Social media has been kind to this group and certainly helped them surge into stardom.  Only three years ago, in 2010, these contestants were on the X-Factor’s singing competition.  Now, according to Chairman and Chief Executive of Sony Entertainment UK, Nick Gatfield, One Direction represents a US$ 50 million (~RM 150,000,000) business empire.  There music video “Little Things” was in the the top 10 list in November 2012 with approximately 2,200,000 shares.   One Direction’s “Kiss You Video” was shared approximately 2,100,000 times in January 2013.


4. Paperman – Full Animated Short Film

Oh, what it is to experience love at first sight.  Have you ever caught a glimmer of that special stranger, lose them, and be left with that feeling longing for more.  Well, this video is for you.  This carefully crafted and tender short animated filmed, produced by Disney, depicts an urban office worker connecting with a girl through magical paper.  This video was shared approximately 2,000,000 times in January 2013.  Watch the video below.


5. “The NFL : A Bad Lip Reading” – A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

This video is made by an anonymous individual, only known as Bad Lip Reading.  Bad Lip Reading creates humorous voice overs of videos involving movies, tv shows, sports, and politics.  Surprisingly, the voice overs match the lip movements very well, making them look very realistic.   The video below is a compilation of video clips from American profesional football with comedic dubbing of athletes, coaches, and referees.  Even if you don’t watch American football, you’re likely to kick out some laughs.  This video was shared approximately 1,900,00 times in January 2013.

If you like this video, you can watch some of their other videos on Bad Lip Reading’s YouTube Channel.  


6. Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven [Official Video]

Bruno Mars’ “Locked out of Heaven” is locked into the 10 most shared videos for the second month in a row.   This spunk infused rock songs echos a catchy rhythm, and its style draws comparisons to the famous English rock band, The Police.  Watch it below.


7. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop Feat. Wanz (Official Wanz)

29-year-old American musician, Ben Haggerty (widely known by his stage name Macklemore), released his debut studio album, The Heist, in October 2012.  Macklemore works with Ryan Lewis, a 24-year-old American music producer.  Macklemore has been releasing music independently since 2000 and built a large online following.   The song “Thrift Shop” is the fifth and final single from their album The Heist.  It conveys Macklemore’s preference towards cheap clothing and his disdain toward over-priced designer fashion.  Check out this visually humorous video below, which was shared about 1,800,000 times in January 2013.




8. Pulcino Pio – El Pollito Pio

“El Politto Pio” is a spanish version of the Italian song “Il Pulcino Pio”, which was released in July 2012.  The song is credited to the character Pulciono Pio and has created a mass following.   This music video was shared about 1,700,000 time in January 2013.  Watch it below.


9. A Pep Talk from Kid President To You

Looking for inspiration?  Need something to get you feeling more positive?  Listen to this kid.   His name is Robby Novak but he is known by his nickname Kid President.  Born in 2003, he’s made a series of videos to inspire kids and people to think about making the world a better place.  Take a moment and enjoy this feel-good video.


10. Pink – Try

Alecia Beth Moore, widely known by her stage name Pink,  is a 33-year-old, Grammy award-wining, American musician.  She focuses on pop-rock and emerged into startdom in 2001.   Her recent song is “Try” from her sixth studio album called The Truth About Love.   The song is about taking risks for love and your dreams.  It reached the top 10 most shared video list with about 1,300,000 shares in January 2013.   Check out the video below.


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Image Credit: Disney via YouTube, Paperman Video

Note:  This video list is compiled using Unruly Media’s Viral Video Chart, which tracks shares through its third party APIs.  The number of shares we quote per month are rounded to the nearest 100,000.

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Paperman –so New York, so 1940’s, so classic Disney. If you had not created LeapingPost, I may never have seen it. Thanks.


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