Draft: An Elegant and Simple Online Word Processor

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If you’re longing for a minimalistic online word processor, consider Draft.

This cloud program essentially allows you to create documents online and share with collaborators. Your drafts can be sent and revised by a friend or a colleague. Once they’re revised, you’ll receive another copy of the draft, clearly marked with notes for you to accept or reject. All revisions are saved and can be compared for changes.

What Else

Everything you write is saved in your account on Draft. You can also sync your files with Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Box and even via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You can customize the font, font size, and background color to control whichever style that you write best with. Your Draft account can be linked to WordPress and Tumblr to publish your work in just a click. Should you require professional proofreading, Draft offers this service: $10 for 45 minutes or $5 for 15 minutes.


There is no shortage of word processing programs to create documents, and Draft could just be a novelty. Nonetheless, it seems Draft doesn’t seek to replace your writing pads but instead to offer a refreshingly clean and collaborative writing experience.

Write without clutter, and share with just a click.  Visit the Draft website here.


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