8 Reasons to Purchase Spotify’s Premium Version

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Spotify was recently launched in Malaysia. In case, you haven’t checked it out, you should. This is an awesome music streaming product, offering millions of song, spanning a plethora of genres and generations. You should note we are independent fans of Spotify. In other words, we have zero affiliation with Spotify – this is just us giving you an excellent recommendation about a music product.

Spotify offers a free, ad supported version and a paid premium version.  Here are 8 reasons to purchase Spotify’s Premium version.

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1. Listen to Music Offline (Meaning, without the internet)

This is perhaps one of the top reasons why you should get a Spotify Premium account. Only premium users are allowed to download songs for free from Spotify so that they can listen to the songs even when they are offline (e.g. without an internet connection). Apart from the monthly subscription fee, Premium users do not have to pay any additional fee to the download songs.

To listen offline, you just need to find the music you want on Spotify, add it to your Spotify playlists, then access your playlist, and then press the button saying “Available Offline”. Those songs in the playlist will download (quickly) in the Spotify app, and you’ll  be able to listen to those songs without an internet connection.

2. No Advertisements

Everybody agrees that advertisements are annoying. The backlash from users about the ads dominating YouTube are proof of that.  One of the best features of Spotify’s premium version is the fact that there are no advertisements. You can listen to your favorite songs without being interrupted by advertisements. Spotify relies heavily on advertisements for revenue and users that subscribe to the free version must listen to advertisements between some songs, usually lasting more than 30 seconds.

3. Discover New Music

Once you subscribe to Spotify’s Premium version, you will be able to have Spotify create a premium playlist curated to your musical taste. Spotify uses its very own intelligent recommendation engine to create playlists based on the albums, songs and artists that you like. Note, you can actually do this with the Free version, but Premium users are allowed to skip over as many tracks as they want in the playlist created. Users of the free version can skip only five times.

To create a playlist, you just to need to click “create station”, denoted by the button with a black dot in the middle surrounded by curved lines on its left and right sides. This is a great way to discover new music based on artists and genres that you like.

4. Enhanced Sound Quality

The enhanced sound quality for Premium users probably isn’t necessary for most of us, because the standard sounds quality is actually very good.  In all likelihood, most of us would struggle to complain about it. However, for audiophiles, this enhanced sound quality could be a key selling point. Thus, you can note that premium users can stream audio files at 360kbps whereas the free version is streamed at 160kbps.


Also, if you’re concerned that the higher quality will consume too much of your data plan, don’t worry. In the settings, you’re able to adjust the sound quality to your preference.

5. Stream Music on Multiple Devices

Free users can only stream music from their desktops and laptops. In contrast, Premium users can stream music on almost any device – smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops. Most people love listening to music when they are commuting to work, travelling or working out in the gym. With a Premium account, you will have access to more than 15 million songs on-the-go through your various mobile devices.

6. Exclusive Content

The Spotify database may have millions of songs that are readily available to free users, but there is some content that is available only to Premium users. Exclusive content for premium users include latest songs by your favorite artists, interviews, recordings of live shows, and talks that cannot be found easily elsewhere. You can be the first one to listen to new songs as a result of Spotify’s exclusive content for Premium users. Premium users are often lucky enough to be able to get their hands on exclusive pre-releases by major artists that are not available anywhere else on the Internet.

7. Support Musicians

Let’s face it, many people buy or download music illegally, and musicians don’t earn a direct cent from their work when that happens. Spotify is a powerful alternative to pirated music.

Once you are a Premium Spotify user, you can rest assure that you are supporting artists.   Artists on Spotify earn money when you listen to their songs – whether its through the ads in the free version or fees through the premium version.

Musical artists need money. Spotify Premium is a great alternative to downloading pirated versions of songs. Just review all the points above and you’ll see. Spotify provides a better service than pirated platforms. By subscribing to a Premium account, you are supporting the music industry in a way that you never would through pirated channels.

8. Spotify’s Premium Version is Cheap and There is No Long Term Commitment!

Spotify only costs RM 15 per month in Malaysia. This is an incredibly fair deal. You’re paying RM 15 to have access to over 15 million songs with just a click of a button.  Lastly, there is no long commitment. So, you can cancel anytime you want.

C’mon, give it a go.

You can visit the Spotify website here.

Have you used Spotify?  Share your thoughts or experience in the comments below.  Also, stay in touch with us by registering for our  free e-newsletter here.



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