IMAX in Malaysia: Everything to Know

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Above is an introductory video made in Malaysia explaining the what and why of IMAX movies. 

If you want to try a new and exciting movie watching experience in Malaysia, check out IMAX.  IMAX movies are played at a limited number of theatres in Malaysia, but it’s worth making the extra effort.

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What is IMAX?

IMAX is a movie format developed and managed by IMAX Corporation – a Canada-based theatre company best known for its projections systems in movie theatres. The IMAX format is capable of supporting very high resolutions, which means that images are much larger and of a much higher resolution that can make the film look much more realistic.

You may have heard about IMAX theatres in your city because these are the theatres where 3D movies are usually screened. In fact, IMAX Corporation works closely with many movie makers like Christopher Nolan and J.J Abrams to make sure that their cutting-edge 3D movies are made specifically for IMAX screens via a method called DMR or IMAX Digital Media Re-mastering. With this technique, moviemakers are able to enhance details in every frame to improve the picture quality exponentially. So you can bet that your movie viewing experience will be far better and unique in an IMAX theatre.

Why Watch Movies in IMAX Theatres

Malaysians can now enjoy movies in IMAX format at the IMAX movie theatres maintained by TGV Cinemas. So why should you go all the way to an IMAX theatre to watch a movie?

  • Huge Movie Screen. IMAX theatres have much larger screens that span from floor to ceiling and is as wide as the movie hall. This means that you will not be annoyed by the black frame around movie screens in standard theatres and you can immerse yourself in the movie. Contrary to popular belief, the screens at IMAX halls are not dome shaped but are placed higher and are curved at the edges. To ensure that every person in the theatre has the same amazing experience, the seating arrangement is different in an IMAX theatre where the rows are curved at the ends too.
  • High Resolution Video. The most important factor that sets IMAX theatres apart is the fact that they use IMAX proprietary projection systems that deliver much higher-quality images.
  • High Quality Sound. Moreover, there are six high-quality loudspeakers in every IMAX theatre that are aligned perfectly with lasers. So not only is the picture quality much better, but also the sound quality and due to the precise alignment of speakers, the volume in the theatre is uniform everywhere.

With such cutting-edge projectors and loudspeakers, IMAX theaters are not only able to deliver stunning, crystal-clear and sharp image but also an optimal listening environment to help you live the movie rather than just watch it.

Where is IMAX in Malaysia

So far, TGV Cinemas is the only movie theater chain in Malaysia that offers IMAX theatres and these theatres are in two areas: Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama.

Sunway Pyramid, located in Bandar Sunway, and the first IMAX theatre was launched there on 15 December 2011.

The second IMAX hall in Malaysia at 1 Utama in Bandar Utama Damansara was launched on 13 December 2012. Although TGV Cinemas already had many movie halls here, none of them were IMAX theatres. TGV Cinemas at 1 Utama has now been renovated with the movie theatres being relocated to the 3rd floor of this mall. The IMAX hall at 1 Utama is now much larger than the one at Sunway Pyramid and TGV Cinemas is looking to launch many more IMAX halls at other locations in Malaysia.


So, Should You Go to IMAX Theatres in Malaysia?

We have already watched movies at an IMAX theatre and we think that IMAX theatres are best for action movies and movies that have a lot of cutting-edge visuals. Movies made purely for aesthetic appeal and that are meant to be a visual spectacle are best watched on IMAX screens. However, the experience can be negatively impacted if a tall person is sitting in front of you. Their head may not block the entire screen but can block out the peripheral part of the screen, which can give you a less-than-awesome movie viewing experience. All in all, you should check it out.

You can visit TGV Cinemas website here.

Have you watched an IMAX movie in Malaysia?  Share your thoughts or experience in the comments below.  

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I noticed something when I selected my seats for an IMAX movie. When I ordered online all the premium seats were taken, so I looked at the standard seats. When looking at the standard seats, I chose what looked like the third row (Row F). I was a bit concerned this would mean the third row in the theater and I would be way too close to the screen. But when I arrived in the theater there were actually several more rows in front my seat (not revealed on the website when I purchased). So, the actually seats I got were perfect! I was basically in the middle of the theater. Awesome surprise and a useful tip to remember when selecting your seats for the IMAX theater in 1 utama. Maybe they don’t sell those seats(?) Or they only become available when the theater really fills up.

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