Streamyx Broadband Packages for Homes – A Guide

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Streamyx was the original name given to the broadband service by Telekom Malaysia (TM) when it was first launched. Although the company has moved on to high-performance broadband services with UniFi, the name “Streamyx” has been retained for some broadband packages.

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Key Difference Between Streamyx and UniFi Packages

A key difference between UniFi and Streamyx is the broadband technology. Basically, UniFi uses fibre optic cables , and Streamxy uses a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), which is a technology that allows date to transfer faster over traditional copper telephone lines.  Ultimately, UniFi’s fibre optic technology achieves a much faster speed than the DSL technology.

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Streamyx Broadband Packages

There are four Streamyx packages available: BB Deal 8Mbps, BB Deal 4Mbps, BB Deal 2Mbps and BB Deal 1Mbps, and the monthly subscriptions rates are RM160, RM140, RM130 and RM110, respectively.

The prices vary because the upload and download limit of these packages are different and are denoted by the number in the name of the package. For example, the BB Deal 8Mbps offers a maximum speed of 8Mbps. When users opt for the autopay option, the subscription rates of the packages reduce by RM2.


  • When you subscribe to a Streamyx package, you will be eligible to receive free equipment like WiFi modem, TM WiFi ID and a cordless phone. However, this is standard for most broadband packages.
  • Streamyx Subscribers will also be able to make free calls to other TM fixed line numbers throughout the country. This is the same as UniFi broadband packages.
  • With a Streamyx broadband package, you get a flat rate of 10sen/min on all calls to mobile phones within the country.
  • Streamyx subscribers get a free one month subscription when they subscribe for any Streamyx broadband service.
  • Streamyx packages are relatively cheaper than the UniFi VIP packages.


  • HyppTV subscriptions are not a part of the Streamyx packages. UniFi’s HyppTV allows you to watch live TV, video on demand, and engage with other interactive features, like web browsing.
  • Streamyx packages are not as fast as UniFi packages. If you want a faster broadband service, you’re better off going with UniFi.

You can read about the Streamyx packages on the TM web page here.


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Streamyx is the only way to go for me, Ive checked all companies so far only Streamyx is available in my place, although Jaring provides 1Mbps speed for 70RM/mths usage its only available in places with good amenities so to say rich people’s residence, furthermore Time (Fiber), ABN(Cable), Jaring (Fiber), Maxis (Fiber) is located only in buildings, condo’s and apartments based on the newer development projects which the developer chooses part of its infrastructuring projects, but only Time uses its own Fiber Installation pulled from the pre-existing Telecoms Old ADSL cable lines from its EXchange terminated at its DBs, the rest all are using UNiFi’s Fiber Installation and they pay rental for using their fiber cable installation therefore raking up their rental prices for their internet packages with a hidden cost that we can’t see as far as users concern. Well P1 is another Wireless Broadband available in my area but the coverage is at its minimum peak based upon the map coverage this leaves for no developments at all so to say Streamyx is the only way to go, now even if you subscribe 4Mbps you will get only 3.2 to 3.5 if lucky 3.7Mbps, so goes for 2Mbps packages you will get 1.4 to 1.2Mbps and for 1Mbps package you’ll get 780 Kbps currently I’m using the 384 Kbps package which gives a download speed of internet files upto 30kbps, during peak hours 40kbps for RM60/mth, now if your planning to get a high speed internet without any quota for downloading big GB files just forget about it. Any suggestions in my case???


Careful users of YES Broadband!!! YES cheats on Quota…..careful!!!

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