Streamyx vs UniFi – The Broadband Differences

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Telekom Malaysia (TM) provides two key broadband services: Streamyx and UniFi. The original Streamyx broadband package was launched in April 2001.  In 2010, TM launched its new high speed broadband service called UniFi.

Now, you may be unclear about the differences between these two broadband services.  So we have tried to clarify these differences below.  Feel free to post comments at the end of the page to shed any more insight.

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Streamyx vs UniFi Broadband 

Here are three key differences between Streamyx and UniFi broadband services.

1. Streamyx Uses DSL Broadband Technology (Slower) and UniFi Uses Fibre-Optic Cables (Faster)

A key difference between TM’s Streamyx broadband packages and TM’s UniFi broadband packages is the technology.

Streamyx connects to the internet using an older, slower broadband technology called xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line).  DSL is a wireline transmission technology that transmits data over traditional copper telephone lines already installed in homes and businesses.

UniFi connects to the internet using a faster broadband technology – fibre-optic cables.  Fibre optics transmits data at speeds far exceeding current DSL or cable modems.

(Note: UniFi fibre-optic cables connect to a premise.  If you live in a landed property, the fibre will connect directly to your home.  This is known as Fibre to the Home (FTTH).  However, if your residence is in a high rise building, the fibre connects only to a specific part of the condominium building.  Then a Very fast Digital Subscriber Line 2 (VDSL) will connect that part of the building to your individual apartment. Even though UniFi is using VDSL for last part of the broadband connection to your apartment, you should not experience a noticeable difference in speed compared to people with Fibre to the Home.)


Ultimately, both UniFi setups should provide faster internet speed than Streamyx.  

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2. Streamyx Does Not Offer HyppTV Services

The second key difference between UniFi and Streamyx is that Streamyx packages do not inlucde HyppTV services, which basically comprises basic TV channels.  We made a list of UniFi’s channels here.

UPDATE (19 November 2013): Streamyx now offers HyppTV services for the 8Mbps plan and the 4Mbps plan. The 8Mbps plan includes free HyppTV basic channels. The 4Mbps plan lets you get a HyppTV add on.


3. Streamyx Offers Cheaper Broadband Packages than UniFi

Lastly, the third key difference between Streamyx and UniFi is price.  Streamyx broadband packages cost from RM110 (for 1 Mbps) to RM160 (for 8 Mbps).

UniFi broadband packages cost from from RM 149 (for 5 Mbps) to RM 249 (for 20 Mbps).


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Verdict Between Streamyx and UniFi

UniFi is likely the better choice over Streamyx broadband service.  However, you’ll need to make sure UniFi is covered in your area and remember it costs more than Streamyx.  Essentially, UniFi is primarily better if you want a faster internet service and, also, if you want HyppTV services.

So, which do you think is better? Post a comment below. Also, stay in touch with us by registering for our  free e-newsletter here.




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Kuan Wei

Hello, Im Kuan Wei. One thing I am curious about is the difference system used between Unifi and streamyx. If using Unifi, is it the optical fibre directly essemble in our house?


Let’s say both Unifi & Steamyx have a 5MB package.. does Unifi still download files faster than streamyx? I hope you understand what I’m trying to ask..lol


Think of it this way… Fibre optics. nuff. said.

Basically with UniFi you’ll get the data literally at the speed of light.


One of the biggest difference between streamyx and unifi is the length of contract and deposit. As far as I know, unifi contract is minimum 2 years while streamyx have 1 year contract also. Not to mention that you can switch from streamyx to unifi whenever you want and its free charge.!!
Another noticeable point is that no need to pay any deposit for streamax. And for termination streamyx contract you should pay 150 malaysian ringit while it is 500 malaysian ringit for unifi.
Thank you.

Ben Hock Seng

Thanks for sharing this insight. Much appreciated!

Mohd Azhar

Update : Hypp TV is now available for 4 & 8 Mbs streamyx ..


May I ask a question here. You say that in a high rise building Telekom only provide fibre optic to the tap off point in the building for Unifi service. From thereon, up the MATV riser it provides a VDSL line. What about from the riser to the telephone socket in an existing apartment with old copper wiring? Do they need to change the old copper wire in the existing conduit, and can they? If not, then I had best accept the existing copper wire and upgrade Streamyx. Alternatively I will need new exposed wiring running across the walls of my old apartment?

I am not a techie so I would appreciate your comment
Thank you

Mohd Azhar

Dear Gary ..
for the highrise buiding , TM will utilized the existing cooper wire to each lot. Yes, its true the cooper is old and some case already in bad condition ..but TM technician will do a test for all 3 services (voice , video & internet ) to ensure that services is given on the par.

If you looking around your apartment , there is a TM cabinet label Vxxxx something (V = unifi enable). That is the last fiber point from TM and it will do a patching to your existing copper cable from Vxxx cabinet to cooper cabinet (forgot what is the label : )

Ben Hock Seng

Thanks for sharing this.


Finally a clear explanation between these two. Why do companies make it so difficult to explain

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