5 options for online food delivery in Malaysia

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After a stressful day at work, many people do not want to spend their free time in the kitchen preparing dinner – and this is when food delivery services come in handy. In this digital era, more options are emerging to order food online and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Here are some options for online food delivery in Malaysia:

1. foodpanda

online food delivery in Malaysia: food-panda

foodpanda is perhaps one of the best-known known online food delivery services in Malaysia and across Asia, with a presence in many Asian countries like India, Thailand and Vietnam. It has partnered with close to 800 restaurants in Malaysia to provide a wide range of dishes to choose from.

Ordering from foodpanda is fairly simple. First, you have to choose your area after which a list of restaurants will be displayed. You can then narrow down the list based on cuisine, budget and other restaurant features like vegetarian, halal, organic, accept online payments, etc, then you will be taken to a menu once you select a restaurant where you can select the dishes that you want and then you can click on the “order now” option to enter relevant information. Then choose between delivery and pick-up options if the restaurant offers them.

Delivery charges of RM5 apply to almost all orders, and you can pay by cash for all deliveries; your food will typically arrive to your door within 40 minutes. Once the order is confirmed, you will receive a text message on your phone confirming the order. The website has an extensive help section and an option to call them up in case you are facing any trouble.

Website: www.foodpanda.my
Download the app: iOS | Android

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2. Dah Makan

online food delivery in Malaysia: dah-makan

Dahmakan offers a selection of three or four healthy dishes each day, which you order at least one day in advance for lunch. This system makes it a lot simpler for you to enjoy lunch within your break without having to waste half the time waiting for your food to be prepared.

The website is fairly simple to use. You’re presented with a menu for each day with three to four dishes ranging between RM18 to RM20. If you prefer, you can also subscribe to meal packages in advance so you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat every day. For payment, they accept credit and debit cards, online banking, and cash on delivery, so you have plenty of options. For now, there are no delivery charges so that’s a big plus with ordering from Dah Makan.


The food itself tastes decent and arrives still warm. There’s usually a Western meal, Ssian meal, and a vegetarian option to cater for  variety of eaters each day. One thing to remember, though, is that you should order a day in advance because dishes for the day are usually sold out when we check in every morning. Currently, DAh Makan only serves Kuala Lumpur.

Download the app: iOS | Android
Website: dahmakan.com

3. Mammam

online food delivery in Malaysia: mammam-deliveries

Mammam deliveries offers a great selection of food to diners in the Klang Valley area. You can choose from six different menus; Malay, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vegetarian, and Malaysian favourites. Mammam offers everything local from tom yum to chicken rice, butter chicken, nasi lemak, sambal petai, rendang and more. If you’re looking for a delicious local lunch without the fuss of leaving the office, Mammam is a great go-to delivery service.

Based on our experience, the food is consistent, tasty, packed with flavour, and come in hearty portions. The best thing about this service is that there is no minimum order and delivery is free. So if you’re craving for that butter chicken, go ahead and order it without worrying about paying delivery fees for just one dish.

You can also order anytime between 10am and 9.30pm every day, do this one works for both lunch and dinner. You can order in advance and pick a delivery time as well, if you wish. Even better, you also get a complimentary bottle of water to go with your meal. Currently, Mammam only delivers in the Klang Valley area.

Website: mammam.com.my

4. Cooked


Similar to Dah Makan, cooked offers a selection of four to five dishes each day ranging from Western to Asian dishes, usually with a vegetarian option as well. Meals cost RM20 or below and come in decent portion sizes, though a tad small if you have a big appetite.

For same-day delivery, you’ll have to place your order before 10.45am but the plus side is, you there’s no minimum order and delivery is free. You can also choose the time of delivery, which is convenient if you’re ordering in advance. Cooked also has lunch box offers where you get a discount if you order 5 boxes – so office lunch parties can be thing!


The website is user friendly and the menu is easy enough to understand, with simple descriptions of what you can expect in your lunch box. The food is tasty, but the portions may be a little small at times. Cooked only operates in Kuala Lumpur right now, with plans to expand to the Petaling Jaya area.


5. Ordering directly from restaurant websites in Malaysia

There are many fast food restaurants in Malaysia that let your order from their online menu, and they deliver your order to your doorstep.  Below are some restaurant chains that allow you to order food online and provide delivery services to your home in Malaysia.  You can click on the links below to jump to their Malaysian website.

Again, these just some of the restaurants that let you order online. However, most restaurants do not offer round-the-clock delivery services and their entire menu may not be available online.  As a side note, of all these restaurants, Nando’s is the only one we know that will deliver your orders in eco-friendly bags. Many of these restaurants offer delivery in any states where they have an outlet.

Have you ordered food online in Malaysia?  Share some tips in the comments section below.

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esther lee

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Nowadays many F&B chain business is using same kind of food concept. Now this concept bring to the end user doorstep at a very reasonable price. You can cook it anytime when you want to give satisfaction to your tummy. You may look into the youtube for the method of cooking. Here is one of the product that is offering with the recipe history that hit 100years.


Do register in order to get member price at 20% discount. While register put in introducer ID 305 for additional free gift when the first order is made.


Why does food panda never have change even when I ask for it!

atreyu strange

i had this problem too. tskk!


I think delivery guys are trying to get extra money. Management needs to fix this. I’ve even emailed Foodpanda complaining about this but got no response!


Nondo’s is my favorite !!


Cool.. It is my favorites too!!!

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