Three Shopping Festivals in Malaysia

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Malaysia has long been considered a shopping haven in South East Asia and has even been ranked as the 4th best shopping city by CNN and the 2nd best shopping city in Asia Pacific according to Globe Shopper Index. With millions of tourists coming to visit this tropical nation annually, the government has long organized three yearly major shopping festivals to benefit both consumers and the economy. Shopping in Malaysia is often a must for travellers of any kind when visiting due to our affordable bargains and quality goods, for there is surely something for everybody in the countless shopping malls, bazaars, and markets around the nation.


1Malaysia Grand Prix Sale (March-April)

Photo Credit: Gaya Travel

In conjunction with the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix race that takes place annually, this shopping festival precedes the GP and is tailored to take advantage of the various tourists and visitors that come to witness the racing event. Offering big bargains and promotions across the nation, malls, retail stores, and departmental stores alike all gear up in anticipation of shopper of all kinds. While the heat of this shopping season will primarily be felt in the Klang Valley area, other notable states that promote the Malaysian Grand Prix Sale include Penang, where they offer their own version of the sale with attractive offers and activities.


1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (June-September)

Photo Credit: Gogo Melaka

Taking place annually, this popular shopping festival is one of three major shopping seasons that usually takes place nationwide from around June till September in hopes of attracting both tourists and locals alike. An attempt to increase spending within the country, malls and retail outlets throughout Malaysia heavily advertise and promote their wares during this auspicious festival. Nevertheless, heavy discounts and other various enticing offers make it a win-win for everybody.



Malaysia Year-End Sale (November-January)

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The last of the big three shopping seasons ends with the Malaysian Year-End Sale that once again takes place nationwide. Similar to the previous two shopping seasons, a variety of malls and other retail outlets try to cash in on the looming festive seasons (Christmas, Chinese New Year, New Year’s, etc.) in Malaysia by offering big slashes on prices. Tourists visiting this tropical nation should take note of the various shopping seasons throughout the year to make use of the huge bargains.

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