Roku in Malaysia: Should you Buy this Smart TV Product?

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Roku Streaming Media Player

The market for smart TV products continues to grow, but unfortunately it remains small in Malaysia.

Essentially, these smart TV functions allow you to use the internet for watching online video on your TV, which can include streaming, renting, and buying online video.  This type of video content can range from amateur videos on the web to professionally produced TV shows and movies.

Some of these popular devices in the States include Apple TV, NetFlix, Boxee, and Roku. Fortunately, Apple TV was launched in Malaysia in June 2012. However, other products have been slow to officially enter the market in Malaysia.

One product many of us would like to see in Malaysia is Roku. This has garnished many popular reviews. Even the renowned online media website Business Insider published an article titled “Review: The Roku 3 Blows Away Apple TV”.

So, what’s the full deal with Roku in Malaysia?  Well, I specifically asked the company about this, saying I was thinking about either purchasing a Roku for myself in Malaysia or for a brother in the United States, and asked what they would suggest. Here is an extract of their reply:

“Dear Nick,

Thank you for contacting Roku Customer Service.

We are very happy to see that you are interested in using our product in Malaysia.

From your email, I understand that you would like to know will Roku player work in Malaysia and the channels availability in Malaysia.


The Roku player is currently recommended and shipped only to 50 US states and District of Columbia, United Kingdom & Canada because of licensing agreements with the content providers.

Roku player will work all over the world, however; premium channels like Netflix, Pandora, EPIX, HBO GO, NBA, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Crackle and others currently may restrict access from geographies outside the 50states of United States.

Roku is growing and has announced plans to expand to some other countries.

Updates will be posted on the Roku official website ( 

In future we are looking forward to extend our services to other countries.

The best suggestion from our side would be you can gift a Roku to you brother in states; however, cannot be ordered from Malaysia.”

As you can see, people in Malaysia are unable to purchase a Roku through the company site, and the device’s premium content options are restricted.  The company also didn’t make a recommendation for me to buy a Roku device for Malaysia; instead they suggested I purchase it for my brother.

Thus, at this point, if you are able to purchase a Roku device in Malaysia through other channels, you may instead want to wait until it’s officially released here.

You can visit the Roku website here.

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HS Chang

Can ROKU be used in Malaysia. Yes! First, ROKU can only be bought in US. So, get someone to buy in US then ship to Malaysia. To stream video contents from ROKU, it has to go thru’ a third party b/cos it cannot be streamed directly from Malaysia’s internet providers. The 3rd party provider (I think in UK) will act as a proxy and deliver the contents from the US => UK => Malaysia, That means there is a monthly subscription fees for the UK provider to maintain that link. I will try to provide the link if there is sufficient interest.

I’m in US and have used ROKU for several yrs. I know users from other countries use ROKU thru’ the 3rd party internet provider.


usually for a device like this (even chromecast).. my colleagues will use VPN

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