Take a Look at the New iPad 5 Body

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ipad 5 comparison to ipad 4-720Photo credit: Unbox Therapy

October 2013 Update: New iPad Air Announced at Apple Event

There’s been a lot of hype and speculation about what to expect with the next iPad. While most of this is unfounded rumours, there is now a YouTube video by Unbox Therapy showing the case of the new iPad (likely to be dubbed “iPad 5” by the public).

There has been a lot of “leaks” from Apple about its new products, including its new, less expensive iPhone.  Some wonder if the company is that bad at keeping secrets, while others rapidly assert this is strategic marketing to create buzz. Regardless, it does seem that the video does in fact show the new iPad case.

While the YouTube video only shows the new iPad body case, you can see clear physical differences between this new version and its predecessor. The new iPad will be much narrower than the predecessor.  More specifically, the bezel (the frame around the screen) will be narrower but the screen size appears to remain the same. Additionally, the new iPad’s curves look sharper and the buttons look more distinguished, similar to the iPad mini.

The official release date for the new iPad is still not yet confirmed.

What are your thoughts about this new iPad 5 body?




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