Is There an Apple Store in Malaysia?

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Last Updated: 12 September 2013

Is there an Apple store in Malaysia? Well, there is not an actual corporate owned and operated Apple store in Malaysia. However, there are different options available for purchasing Apple products in Malaysia.  You can either buy Apple products at authorised resellers or at the Online Apple Store for Malaysia.

Below we’ve outlined these various options.

About Apple Authorised Resellers

While, there is not an actual, corporate operated Apple store in Malaysia, Malaysian customers can purchase Apple products in person at Apple Authorized Resellers.  These resellers in Malaysia are typically labeled with one of the three names.

  • Apple Authorised Reseller
  • Apple Premium Reseller
  • Apple Shop

The various Apple authorized resellers in Malaysia can be identified with the following logos, usually posted visibly at the store:

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 1.36.08 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-30 at 1.36.01 PM


What’s the Difference among ‘Apple Authorized Resellers’, ‘Apple Premium Resellers’, and ‘Apple Shops’

Below we’ve tried shedding more light into the subject of third-party Apple stores.

Essentially, an Apple Authorised Reseller means a third-party store that sells some Apple products.


Apple Premium Resellers, as defined by Apple, “have been recognised by Apple for providing superior customer service with a focus on Apple solutions, service and support.”  Furthermore, Apple Premium Resellers have some special added services.  First, these stores employ Apple-trained and Apple-certified experts.  Second, these stores offer demos. You can ask an Apple employee to give a hands-on product demonstration of an Apple product.  Third,  these stores offer full support after purchase. These stores should have a service and support counter to offer repair services to all customers regardless of where they originally purchased the Apple product. Lastly, these stores carry the full range of Apple products and also third party products. Other Authorised Resellers may not be able to offer all Apple products.

Apple Shops, as defined by Apple, are Apple-designed outlets located within selected Apple resellers and other retail shops. Many are staffed with Apple-trained experts who can help you to find the right solution for you.”

As you can see, if you are looking for the closest experience to an actual corporate-owned Apple store in Malaysia, then you should visit Apple Premium Resellers.

Examples of Apple Authorized Resellers in Malaysia

As mentioned, all the outlets below are technically Apple Authorized Resellers; however, the last two terms are types of Authorized Apple Resellers.

Here are examples of standard Apple Authorized Resellers in Malaysia:

Here are examples of Apple Premium Resellers in Malaysia:

Here are examples of Apple Shops in Malaysia:

  • Harvey Norman @ Mid Valley Megamall (Klang Valley)
  • Harvey Norman @ Queensbay Mall (Penang)

Apple Authorized Resellers generally go out of their way to advertise the fact that they have that status. Even though they’re not official Apple stores, most of these establishments will have experts on hand who can help customers with problems with their Apple devices and will have the newest Apple products in Malaysia available for customers to peruse.

You find more Apple reseller stores in Malaysia on this page of the Apple website.

About the Online Apple Store in Malaysia

The other major option for customers in Malaysia is purchasing Apple products online. Fortunately, there is a section of the Apple website dedicated to Malaysia:


Purchasing from the online store is a good choice for those who don’t mind waiting a few days for the product to be delivered.  Generally, getting an Apple device shipped to a home or business address will take from one to five business days following the order being placed.   Also, for orders above RM250, which includes just about anything that you purchase from Apple, shipping is free.

Should You Buy Apple Products Online or at an Apple Authorised Store?

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether you’d prefer to purchase an Apple product online or at an authorized Apple reseller in Malaysia.

If you want an Apple device immediately or soon, then purchasing at an Apple reseller would be advisable. Even though these resellers aren’t actually Apple stores, you will be able to find people at the store who can help you to understand the varios Apple products and which ones may be most appropriate for you.

If you’re purchasing an Apple computer and want to customize some of the features, such as RAM, hard drive space, among other things, then you should consider purchasing  the product from the Apple website.  The reason is that authorized resellers won’t let you customize the technical specifications of an Apple computer.

One caveat to remember about shopping online is the issue of returns. Obviously, if you purchased the item at an Apple authorised reseller, you can bring your item back and talk directly to the people at the reseller shop. If you purchase items online, you’ll generally have to ship them back if you have an issue, which adds something of a time delay to the process of getting the Apple product.

Do you wish there was a corporate owned and operated Apple store in Malaysia, like in the United States? Where do you think is the best place to buy Apple products in Malaysia? Post a thought in the comments below. Also, stay in touch with us, Leaping Post, by registering for our free e-newsletter here.



Photo Credit: Steve Parker | Flickr

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This article has things slightly off-center.
First: Apple Premium resellers usually come with Apple authorized service centers where Apple computers under warranty can be repaired (usually at no cost). All service techs and sales people regularly pass Apple tests to ensure they have the proper skills. Apple regularly queries service customers on the quality of work and service.
Second: Non Premium resellers may not be authorized to sell all Apple products. They do not have an Apple authorized service center. They may or may not have passed Apple tests. Any repairs by a non-authorized service tech normally voids the warranty.


Great comment! We’ve researched further and updated the post based on what we found, which is in-line with your points. Thanks for sharing that insight!

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