Audi S3 Sportback Offers Superfast 4G LTE Broadband

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Audi S3 Sportsback


People have such a need to stay connected to the internet all the time. Audi has gone one step further and is now offering 4G LTE communications technologies in its cars. Where most ISPs are unable to go beyond 3G technology to offer super fast 4G LTE wireless communication, Audi is now allowing customers of its Audi S3 Sportback vehicles to connect to the Internet using 4G.

The German automobile manufacturer is the first to offer this feature and so far it has been announced that it will be available only in the UK. The 4G Long Term Evolution was launched in an Audi production car while the technology was launched in the UK by Vodafone and O2. So far 4G LTE is available in Audi S3 Sportback and will be made available in other A3 cars in Britain by November, 2013.

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Features in the latest Audi S3 Sportback

Customers can use 4G LTE if they have the Audi Connect infotainment system. This is part of the technology package offered by the company. Customers also need a SIM card that has a data flat rate plan, and this SIM card must be inserted in the slot in the glove box of the S3 Sportback to use 4G LTE internet connectivity technology.

To make the task of using the Internet easier and safer for drivers, Facebook and Twitter have a text-to-speech function. A status function for these social networking sites is also present that has text module. A fuel station locator uses the 4G technology to find the distances and prices of fuel stations and also helps find parking spots, availability, and parking fees.

Also, the MMI navigation plus and Audi connect uses this 4G LTE technology to improve its navigation services by connecting to Google Street View and Google Earth. It also provides latest traffic information from the Internet and online radio.

It’s unclear when the car might be released in Malaysia.


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