Tesla Electric Cars Have the Coolest Touchscreens

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Tesla Model S has been named 2013’s Car of the Year by Motor Trend. The car takes electric mobility to a whole new level. It is the world’s first all-electric sedan. Model S incorporates some of the most innovative technological advancements in automotive manufacturing today, and one of the eye-catching highlights is the car’s built-in 17-inch touchscreen display – practically twice the size of an iPad screen.

Here are some of the awesome features of Tesla’s built-in touchscreen device.


Control and Read Indicators for Sunroof, Doors, Lights, and Turn Signals

A swipe of the interactive display opens up the all-glass panoramic roof, which is the largest among the sedans in the market presently. The display also indicates the status of the car’s doors, lights, and turn signals.

2. Roof


Adjust Air Suspension for Car’s Ride Height

With the active air suspension, Model S automatically adjusts ride height based on speed and vehicle level. The driver can also manually raise the air suspension to enter steep driveways or lower it for easier cargo and passenger loading.



Adjust Battery Conservation

You can select the amount of power and charge back to the battery by adjusting the regenerative braking settings. “Standard settings” slow the car rapidly offering more recharge and “low settings” allow for easier coasting and less charge.




Control Climate

Climate control functions similar to cars that run on gasoline but the Tesla S Model works faster than them. This is because cabin heating is not dependent on engine heating, which means the passenger compartment warms up quickly. The air conditioning is electric; so, AC use does not affect driving performance.  You can use the touchscreen to control temperate for both the driver and passenger.

Tesla Touchscreen Climate Control


Play Music

Tesla Model S is designed to operate the latest music and multimedia programs. Both HD and terrestrial radio come standard. The internet connectivity and sound studio package offers several web and satellite radio options. Model S was designed with great attention to acoustics, providing a world-class sound system.  The touchscreen can show an aerial layout of the car for you to s pinpoint where you want to centre the sound.  You can also search for specific songs with the touchscreen keyboard and optimize sound with the bass, mid, and treble onscreen meters.



Navigate with GPS

When equipped with Tesla’s tech package, Model S offers an impressive GPS navigation system. Internet connectivity couples online searches with native maps stored in the car’s flash memory.




View Energy indicators and HD backup camera

The energy app charts acceleration and regenerative braking patterns while providing metrics to help maximize energy efficiency. When bundled with the tech package, the Model S also offers the industry’s first full high-definition backup camera.



Stay Connected to the Internet

With internet connectivity, Model S has all the benefits of a full web browser. Up to 10 phones can be programmed to be controlled through the touchscreen display providing the ability to organize contacts with the ease of a smartphone.



Control functions through Voice and Steering Wheel

Optional voice controls can operate many touchscreen functions such as navigation, mobile devices, media controls and others. Utilizing the instrument cluster along with the touchscreen offers drivers the opportunity to access up to 4 apps at a time. With the ability to activate most touchscreen functions through the steering wheel controls, you can stay connected while keeping focus on the road ahead.

Tesla Steering Wheel Controls


Here is the Full Video of the Tesla Touchscreen

What do you think of the built-in touchscreen device in the Tesla Model S?  Share a thought in the comments below.

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I wonder if you could have iOS or Android setup on that touchscreen device

Ben Hock Seng

I haven’t read anything about being able to do that; however, that would be cool.

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