Does Apple Have Big Plans for Malaysia?

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Apple Inc. seems to have big plans for Malaysia. The California-based, multinational tech giant recently filed a series of applications with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, better known as MyIPO.

Apple filed four applications covering a number of mobile and computer services, ranging from educational classes to retail stores. Interestingly, one of the applications seeks to trademark the term ‘startup’.


Rumors About Apple in Malaysia

There are rumors that Apple is planning to enter the country in big way.  Currently, there are Apple Authorized Resellers in Malaysia but no corporate owned and operated stores.  Some suspect Apple might open their own corporate stores here.

Apple might also conduct workshops, conferences and seminars. In the long run, it may also be planning to open facilities in Malaysia to develop and design computer software as well as hardware, consumer electronics along with proving consulting services.

The company declined to comment on the developments. The Malaysian law firm that is representing the company with MyIPO also did not comment.


Trademarks for Generic Terms and Malaysian Law

According to Malaysian trademark law, a company can be granted a trademark for a generic term, but only under certain conditions. One instance could be if there is secondary meaning to a term. But the company applying for the trademark has to show that it is using the term. It may also be asked to provide proof that it is using the term extensively in other countries.


One of the trademarks is pending the approval of the administrator. The public has been given two months to raise objections, if any, to the other three.


Why do you think Apple is trademarking the term “Startup” in Malaysia? What do you think Apple’s plans are for Malaysia? Post a thought in the comments below.


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