This Lego-Like Phone is Fascinating

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Electronic devices are not made to last. This is why companies only warranty electronic items for a certain time period and when that is complete, you will have to pay for any problem in your device from your own pocket. Everyday, millions of electronic items, including mobile phones, are thrown away. It is usually either because the phone gets outdated or the parts fail.

But now, Dave Hakkens, a designer from the Netherlands, has come up with a unique idea – a smartphone, made of Lego-like detachable blocks.

The phone has a base and all the components are connected to the base. If you find that your smartphone is slowing down, you can replace the component responsible for the speed. If the screen sustains damage, you can replace it with a new screen instantly. You do not have to get it repaired by someone else. But it is still an idea, and companies will have to get involved to take it forward. Therein lies the problem. Companies will only show interest, if people show interest.

A website has been set up for Phone Bloks (that is what the concept is being called). Dave Hakkens has also set up a crowd speaking project on Thunderclap. On last count, more than 850,000 people had lent their social voices to the project on Thunderclap.

If you want to learn more or support this concept, visit


Watch This Cool Video of Phonebloks

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