Malaysia Ranked as the Cheapest Place to Buy an iPad

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We recently wrote a post comparing the prices of iPads in Malaysia to a few other countries, such as the United States, Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. We concluded that out of those countries, Apple sells the cheapest iPads in Malaysia.

Interestingly, the Wall Street Journal just published a similar story, except their report covered the prices of iPads in over 45 countries.  The data is from Commsec, which is a unit of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank.

Commsec specifically assessed the price of an iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi in US dollars. They concluded Argentina is the most expensive place to buy an iPad with a price of US$ 1094.11 (~ RM 3,510) and Malaysia is the cheapest place to buy an iPad with a price of US$ 473.77 (~RM 1520). This means you could buy two iPads in Malaysia for the price of one in Argentina – and still have money left over!

Many factors can affect the price differences among the countries, such as local taxes, travel costs, import regulations, and more.

Below are the rankings, from most expensive to cheapest.


Prices of an iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi in US$ in Various Countries

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Data Source: Commsec 



You can buy the iPad with Retina Display 16 GB WiFi in Malaysia here.




Source: Wall Street Journal


Photo Credit: The D34n / Foter / CC BY


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Are you serious?
iPad price in the U.S. Is $499, and in Malaysia according to the online rate is the same.
I know, I bought one.
Besides, if you really want to compare prices you better take a look at the iPhones and let’s see you writing about how unfairly priced they are in Malaysia.

Ben Hock Seng

Hi ebrmw,

Thanks for the comment ebrmw. I just checked the price for iPads in the Malaysian Apple store and the price of the iPad model written in this article is RM 1,499. Exchange rates do fluctuate but it still has the iPad at a cheaper price than in the USA. With current exchange rates as of today, a Malaysian iPad price of RM 1,499 is equal to US$ 460 (see 1st image below), which means it is cheaper in Malaysia than the USA (US$ 499). Furthermore, in America, you typically have to pay sales tax in addition to that price for iPads (see 2nd image below).

Regarding your point about the iPhone. Note that this article was specifically about one model of the Apple iPad – not a price comparison of all Apple products. We haven’t done a comprehensive international price analysis of the iPhone; however, I still think the iPhone would come out in favour to Malaysia. For example, if you look at the Malaysian price comparison site (, you’ll see the iPhone 5 in Malaysia costs RM 2,199 without a contract. I just checked one of the major telcos in Americas, Verizon, and they sell the iPhone 5 with a similar option at a price of US$ 749.99 (~RM 2,443) (see 3rd image below). In this instance, that a means the iPhone 5 is also cheaper in Malaysia than the USA.

Again, to your main question, the direct price comparison between Malaysia and America does seem to demonstrate that the iPad is cheaper in Malaysia. Hope that helps.

Ben Hock Seng

I’m also very keen to know when the iPad will be released.

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