Apple Will Debut New iPads at 22 October Event

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Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad models at its invitation-only event on 22 October 2013.

Various media companies have reported this, including financial media site Bloomberg and digital media site AllThingsD. Apple has not yet officially confirmed this news; however, AllThingsD has a strong track record with Apple rumours.

Apple is expected to unveil the fifth generation iPad and the new iPad mini. The fifth generation iPad is expected to have a new body casing, comprising a thinner and lighter design. The new iPad mini is expected to have a retina (high resolution) screen.

Additionally, the MacBook Pro and Apple’s new operating system – OS X Mavericks – will likely be showcased.

Interestingly, the Apple event will occur on the same day as Nokia’s Innovation Reinvented showcase and the release of Microsoft’s new Surface 2 at American retail stores.


 October 2013 Update: New iPad Air Announced at Apple Event

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