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This is an Insanely Realistic iPad Painting of Morgan Freeman

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Meet Kyle Lambert. He is a trained illustrator and painter from the U.K. One of his specialties is drawing photo-realistic paintings on the iPad Air. Now he has come out with a painting of the actor Morgan Freeman. The painting is so accurate that if someone did not tell you, you would have never guessed that it is not a photo but a painting. Now the surprise. All of Kyle’s iPad paintings are drawn using only one finger.

To draw the Morgan Freeman painting, Kyle used an app called Procreate. Kyle frequently uploads his works on YouTube and if you go to his YouTube account, you will find paintings of many other celebrities like Rihanna, Will Smith, Russel Brand, Megan Fox, Madonna and others. Kyle says that the Morgan Freeman painting took him a month to create and involved thousands of finger strokes. But he is not complaining. The video has been seen by more than 7 million people already.

Kyle has also given wonderful reviews to the app (Procreate) that he used to draw the painting. He says that every brush stroke is captured by the app, automatically. Showering more praises on the app, he also said that the canvas size on the app is the best he has seen. He goes as far as to compare it to Adobe’s Photoshop.

The amazing thing is, Kyle’s use of the iPad to make the picture. Most of us use our iPad’s to surf the internet, play games, watch movies and make presentations. Who would have thought that something as good as Kyle’s Morgan Freeman painting can also be made on the iPad.



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