How to Access iTunes Radio in Malaysia

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iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is the new music streaming service by Apple.  iTunes Radio lets users create custom radio stations based upon the artists, genres, or songs you enter. It also has ‘Featured Stations’, which are suggested playlists – great for discovering music.

iTunes Radio was first announced in June 2013 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. However, it was just released to only the American public on Wednesday, 19 September, along with Apple’s new mobile operating iOS7.

That’s right, this is another tech product which is regionally restricted and not available outside of the United States.  However, there is a way for people in Malaysia to access iTunes Radio.

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How to Access the New iTunes Radio in Malaysia

This is a simple trick, which doesn’t require a proxy, and comes from the site BGR India. You just need to create an American Apple ID, which you can do by following the steps below.

First, make sure you update your iTunes to version 11.1. (iTunes Radio wasn’t accessible for us on iTunes 11.0)

Second, inside the iTunes app, click the button that takes you to the App Store. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and you’ll see an icon representing your country. Click this, and change the country to the United States.

Third, go download a free app in the app store. When you are prompted  to sign in, click the option to create a new Apple ID.  Follow the instructions of setting up the account. When it asks for payment type, select “none”. For billing options, enter a fake USA address. Then click “Create Your Apple ID” and confirm your email address.

Note: after these steps, if you open the iTunes Radio and it doesn’t load, try signing out and re-signing in. (It worked for us.)


You’re now ready to start listening to iTunes Radio in Malaysia.


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Photo Credit: Apple Press Release

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Thank you very4 much!


there is no ‘none’ option when trying to choose a billing type. Only different credit card providers and paypal. WHAT TO DO??

Ben Hock Seng

Hi Jeff, Sorry for the delayed reply. Not sure why that option isn’t available on your iTunes. I have iTunes version 11.1 and it appears. What version of iTunes are you using? I took a screenshot of my iTunes and shared it below. You can see there is a button next to the credit card list stating “none”. Your iTunes doesn’t have that?


There is no ‘None’ option

Ben Hock Seng

I always like these hacks and would like to cover more of these on Leaping Post. So, follow us! (Follow us button in top right corner of website)

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