Adobe Photoshop Gets 3D Printing Tools

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3D printing, which is catching up in Malaysia, is applicable in diverse fields such as medicines (3D printed implants), fashion technology and others. Many 3D printing conferences have been held in Malaysia, which have attracted delegates from around the world. The latest company to join the 3D printing bandwagon is Adobe. The company recently integrated 3D printing technology into its path-breaking Photoshop Suite.

To create an object with a visual printer, you have to arrange for a digital model. You can either create one by yourself or download an existing design from the internet. Photoshop now allows users to design and edit 3D models, similar to what they would do with a 2D image on the software.

3D printing is not new; the technology was developed a few decades ago but it is only now that it has become popular. Prices for 3D printers have come down drastically largely due to improved sales. The 3D printing market is growing because more people are participating in 3D printing and many of those who buy 3D printers are installing them in their homes. But as Photoshop Product Manager, Andy Lauta says, there is a large gap between existing 3D models and the ability of printers to produce quality results. This latest offering from Photoshop seeks to fill this gap.

Properties of the software

After downloading a 3D photo model from the internet, you can use Photoshop to add colors or adjust the shape of the model. The software even allows you to create models from scratch. Lauta further added that Adobe has not positioned the software as a competition to other software, rather it is designed to be a finishing tool for designing and editing.

When you are ready to print 3D objects, the software will bring to your attention minor flaws in the design. The software also allows you to choose the materials. The good news is, the software supports a number of 3D printers, including MakerBot printers.

Photoshop’s software might capture a significant chunk of the market

There are several free 3D designing and editing software available in the market, including MakerWare by MakerBot. Though Photoshop is saying that it has no intention of competing with other software  in the market, it might still impact the market in a big way.

After all, Photoshop is the most popular graphic editing software ever. Millions of people the world over use Photoshop and they are familiar with its working environment. So there is every chance that Photoshop might make a serious dent in the market with its 3D printing software.

To use the software, you need to have Photoshop 14.1 installed on your computer. Adobe Creative Cloud members, Photoshop CC users get it for free. You can even use it free for 30 days (trial period).



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Photo Credit: Adobe

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Ben Hock Seng

This is another big step towards helping 3D printing go mainstream.

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