China’s Popular New Smartphone to Launch in Malaysia: OPPO N1

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Oppo N1

China based OPPO Electronics, the latest wonderkid in the smartphone arena, is coming to Malaysia. OPPO Electronics has been in the mobile phone market only since 2008, and it’s already China’s second most profitable mobile phone company. To give further context to this, recognize that China is the largest mobile phone market in the world!

This smartphone company has grown popular with Android users in China, due to its specs, flexibility and value for money. OPPO Electronics’ CEO, William Fang, is going to launch the company’s flagship model in Malaysia on Monday, 18 February. Interestingly, the N1 model was only just released last year on December 10, 2013.

The OPPO N1 has collected some popular reviews for its innovative features, several of which are unique to the model. For example, you will not find a rotating camera on any other smartphone in the world. However, one negative aspect that immediately comes to mind is that the phone does not support 4G LTE, which is currently one of the fastest wireless broadband technologies available to smartphone users. Thus, it’s really surprising for any new, high end smartphone these days to not support this.

The 5.9 inch screen comes with OPPO’s ColorOS, a custom build Android interface with 400 special features. The OPPO N1 is also available with the CyanogenMod UI which is catching attention.

You can expect the phone to cost around RM1,800 (for the 16 GB version); that is the approximate price it retails for in other markets. OPPO might also launch its other smartphones- Find 5 Mini, OPPO Neo and R1 at the event.

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Source: Vernonchan 

Photo Credit: Oppo

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Been using the Find 5 since it launched, awaiting the Find 7 which will launch March 18th in China :), 5.5″ 2k display, s800 8974ac/805, 3610/4000 mAH Battery, step aside Sammy the New Emperor is here.

Ben Hock Seng

Thanks for sharing Kula. Cheers.



Ben Hock Seng

Yeah, I’m kind of surprised about that too.

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