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How to Watch the Sochi Olympics Online in Malaysia

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It’s true that no Malaysian athletes are taking part in the Sochi Winter Olympics, but why should that stop you from watching the world’s best athletes jostle for Olympic glory? While there is no direct way to watch the Sochi Olympics online in Malaysia, we have a simple work-around solution.

If you were in the US, UK or Canada, you could have directly accessed online streaming video from the national broadcasters’ websites, like  NBC, BBC or CBC, respectively. But these streams are region specific. So, to access these website’s streaming video in Malaysia, you need to take some extra steps.


Watch the Sochi Olympics Online in Malaysia with Unblock-Us

In order to watch the Sochi Olympics online, you need those streaming websites to think that you are in the country where it is available (e.g. BBC for the UK).  You can either use a VPN or a DNS unblocker to do this. A DNS unblocker is easier to set-up, and the one you should consider is called Unblock Us. (Do note that while Unblock-Us is a widely used service, it does represent a grey area in terms of morality and legality, so use it at your own risk.)

You can use the service for free for one week, but after that you will need to pay $4.99 per month, if you still want it. The service has a simple set-up guide, and it should take you no longer than five minutes to get it done.  You don’t even need to enter any credit card details for the free trial – just enter your email address.

You can visit the Unblock-Us site here and read how to set it up.

After you have set up your computer for the service, visit either CBC or BBC’s official landing page to watch online feeds of the Sochi Olympics. A couple of issues with Unblock-Us is that the service might cause your internet to be slightly slower and the connection isn’t secured. So when you are not watching the Olympics, it’s recommended that you turn Unblock-Us off, which is easy to do.

Have you tried the service? Share a thought in the comments below.




Source: Lifehacker

Photo Credit: Flickr – Ben The Man


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