This is the Future of Touchscreens for Cars

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With so much technology in our hands, car drivers are more distracted than ever. For the most part, mobile devices dangerously divert drivers’ attentions, whether it’s talking on the phone, messaging, or flipping through music. Fortunately, someone is working on a touchscreen application to help you stayed focused on the road.

How does this work? The application’s controls are activated by touching any part of the screen. Once you touch the screen, you make simple swiping gestures to dictate your commands. Since you don’t need to see the screen to select options, you can stay more focused on keeping your eyes on the road.

While there’s not a lot of commands at this point, this is still a great step in the right direction.


Use two fingers to control the volume.



Use three fingers to control the music source.



Use four fingers to control the temperature.




Use five fingers to control the air flow.



Watch the video below demonstrating this touchscreen application.


You can download a demo version for your tablet here.

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Photo Credit: Matthaeus Krenn


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This does not help keep people’s eyes off the road. It will still be another distraction. We need more advanced motion controls and voice control before people will start keeping their eyes off technology while they drive.

Ben Hock Seng

I agree this isn’t the final answer. However, I do think it’s a step in the right direction. The fact that the controls are commanded largely by gesture rather than where you touch and where you select, I think is a good improvement.


Very interesting concept, would probably need a manual/analog control too to bypass in case of anything. Ooohh imagine a voice activated radio channel selection.

Ben Hock Seng

Yeh, I was just thinking that a quality voice control could go very nicely with this.

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