Waterfall in Lake Kenyir for Women only?

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Photo Credit: Mohd Fahmi Mohd Azmi, Flickr

According to Chief Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, one of the many waterfalls in Lake Kenyir is to be reserved for female tourists only. In fact, the people handling the boats and even the security personnel for the area would all be women. This decision was made following a request from women tourists from West Asia.

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The minister also said that this decision was one of the Terengganu government’s efforts to promote the lake as a unique international tourist attraction. Also, starting September next year, Lake Kenyir will be the first duty-free lake in the world. According to the minister, the government had, so far, spent about RM300mil to develop the lake into a tourist attraction and duty-free area.

Some of the projects completed so far include:

  • Supply of electricity to the Pulau Bayas duty-free site by extending the cables a further 22km at a cost of RM33mil.
  • The development of several islands in the lake area. Main jetty on Pulau Bayas is in progress now.
  • 75% of the construction of a network of shops, facilities for Indah Water Konsortium, a water tank and the Customs complex.

Some of the projects in the works include:

  • Work on a new four-lane bridge which will be the main link between Pengkala Gawi and Pulau Poh Besar.
  • Two jetties; one for passengers and one for cargo.
  • A hotel, a water recreation park and a 1,000-bay car park.

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