Twitter Adds Mute Button

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Twitter has officially announced its new mute feature. The option will not just be available to the website users, but also to those who access the Twitter app via their Android and Apple devices.

According to Twitter, muted users will still get to fave and reply to tweets. Muted users can also retweet the tweets but wont be able to see the activity on their timeline. If someone mutes you, you won’t get to know about it. However, any muted user can be unmuted any time.

This mute feature resembles the logic of increasing the length of the feedback loop to tackle online malicious users, spammers and trolls online. A few users will undoubtedly view this addition as a silent acceptance  by the company to the complaints of the users who are finding Twitter to be a noisy place. The mute feature is a result of customer feedback and will be a useful tool for any user being harassed on the site to an extent where a simple block option is not sufficient.

The company has branded the feature by proclaiming that users will have greater control over their Twitter feed by permitting the removal of the content by other users. Twitter has also made the effort to enhance the experience of the user without forcing other users to stop following one another.

Many Twitter users have enthusiastically embraced this new feature. However, a few users have found the mute feature to add another complex layer to the Twitter service. Some also feel that it will encourage passive-aggressive and secretive behavior on the site.

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