How To Cancel Your Gym Membership Contract in Malaysia

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Usually when you sign up for membership at a gym, you are required to commit to a contract. Your gym membership contract may last for six months or even up to a year depending on your gym. And, in this time, it is compulsory for you to pay a monthly gym membership fee. The sum is usually automatically charged to your credit card.

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However, there are times when you have no choice but to cancel your gym membership, especially when you have to leave Malaysia. So, how do you cancel your gym membership contract? Well, different gyms have different procedures and we’ve spoken to six popular gyms in Malaysia to find out how you can cancel your gym membership.

1. Celebrity Fitness

Photo Credit: Celebrity Fitness

For Celebrity Fitness’ membership, you either have the option of a six month term contract or a 12 month term contract. If you choose to terminate your contract before the completion of the six or 12 month period, you are required to pay a cancellation fee of RM400 at your home club location. For this, you will also need to bring along your membership card and Identity Card (IC). You will also be asked to fill out a Cancellation Request Form (CRF), which can only be filled in person at your home club location. A copy of the CRF will be given to you as proof of termination.

After payment of the cancellation fees, you are allowed to use the gym facilities for 30 more days, as the deposit that you paid the gym earlier for final month dues will be charged as your last month subscription. It is important that you request for a membership termination not less than five days before your next auto-pay deduction date, so that you would not be charged for the following month’s dues.

2. True Fitness

Photo Credit: True Fitness

In order to cancel your gym membership with True Fitness, you are required to go down to the True Fitness outlet that you are registered with. Make sure you are geared with all the necessary documents proving that you would not be in Malaysia for a long period of time or a reasonable explanation as to why you wish to cancel your gym membership. After presenting the documents of proof and having a discussion with the manager of the outlet, the manager will arrange for your membership termination with the gym headquarters. There is no cancellation fee to terminate your contract with True Fitness, provided you have a valid reason.


3. Fitness First

Photo Credit: Fitness First

To cancel your gym membership with Fitness First, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. The amount for the cancellation fees depends on how long you are committed to the contract. If you are committed for a longer period, a lower cancellation fee will be charged. For example, if you signed up for a twelve month membership contract and wish to cancel your contract after six months, the cancellation fees will range from RM199 to RM399. The payment of the cancellation fee has to be done at the gym outlet itself. Remember to bring along your gym membership card.As long as you have settled your payments for the previous months and your membership is active, you will be allowed to proceed with the membership termination.

4. Jatomi Fitness

Photo Credit: Jatomi Fitness

To cancel your membership with Jatomi Fitness, you will have to sign a termination form and pay a 40% penalty for the remaining months of the contract. The membership cancellation has to be done in person at the Jatomi Fitness club that you registered with. Remember to bring along your ID and bank card when you go to your registered club. It is important that you give a one month notice for your membership cancellation. For example, if you wish to stop attending the gym in April, you will have to proceed with the membership termination procedures (payment of penalty and signing of termination form) by early March.

5. CHI

Photo Credit: CHI

CHI offers a shorter membership contract period of six months. The yearly membership entails a lump sum payment for the whole year, which will not be refunded if you choose to stop visiting the gym. However, you will be allowed to cancel your monthly dues membership contract. In order to do this, you will be required to fill out a termination form and pay a penalty of RM199 at the CHI branch that you registered with. CHI also requires a one month notice for your membership termination. So, if you wish to stop visiting the gym by end of April, you will need to fill out the termination form before 7th March.

6. Elements Gym


Photo Credit: Elements Gym

For Elements Gym, there is also a cancellation fee and a form to fill if you wish to terminate your account. However, in addition to the RM99 cancellation fees, you will have pay RM30 for each of the remaining months of your contract. So, if you have two months to go before the contract ends, you will have to pay an additional RM60 (RM30 x 2months).

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