Fire Phone: Amazon Launches a Smartphone Shopping Device

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos launched his company’s maiden smartphone during an event in Seattle. Named Fire Phone, it is an all purpose, full-fledged shopping device.

The arresting feature of the Fire Phone is the synonymously named Firefly. It is an app that recognizes images and seemingly has the capability to detect and then identify about 100 million buy-able items. This can range from physical products sold through Amazon to songs and even phone numbers.

The Fire Phone has a dedicated Firefly button. This means that this shopping friendly feature requires only a tap.

Amazon is opening the Fire Phone to developers so that they can incorporate Firefly into future and existing apps. To give an example, a food app can be created to get exhaustive information about a particular type of food before buying it from the online store. Companies are encouraged to write customized apps for Fire Phone rather than posting the app at Play Stores.

The Amazon Fire Phone has the potential of becoming a great headache for retailers. It does away with the middle man and reduce the retail price of the product.

There is still no word when or if it would be released in Malaysia. Many Amazon items aren’t available for purchase in Malaysia, and the cost of shipping can make the retail site discouraging.

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Chang Lee

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