10 Boutique Hotels in Penang to Check Out

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When thinking of places to visit in Malaysia, the northern state of Penang often comes to mind as locals, expats and tourists can’t resist the charm of this island. From amazing food to fascinating architecture and history, Penang is definitely a place one should visit more than once.

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When it comes to accommodation, Penang is home to some pretty lavish hotels and resorts and some interesting boutique hotels as well. If you are looking for hotels with more character, then a boutique hotel is definitely something you should consider.

If you are looking for boutique hotels to stay in, check these 10 hotels out:

1. Campbell House

Photo credit: iamthecaffeinated / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Situated in a corner of Campbell and Cintra Street, the façade of this heritage boutique hotel gives an impressive and authentic feel to anyone passing by. Campbell House was built in 1903 and obtained a UNESCO title in 2008. The hotel is a good example of the Straits Collection Chinese architecture and has always been a hotel. The building has 11 individually decorated rooms for guests to stay in comfortably. Also, Il Bacaro, the traditional Venetian themed restaurant downstairs offers delectable Italian dishes—from Spicy Prawns Diavola to Vanilla Pannacotta.

For more information on Campbell House, call 04-261 8290 or click here.

2. Chulia Heritage Hotel

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Chulia Heritage Hotel offers good quality accommodation with a touch of polished, historic aura. The hotel is located in the core zone of the UNESCO site, hence, making this building part of the eminent past of Penang. Its location makes it easily accessible as it is nearby a variety of restaurants and eateries, and other various shops (such as money changing services, internet cafes and laundry services) within walking distance.

For more information Chulia Heritage Hotel, call 04 263 3380 or click here.

3. Clove Hall

Photo Credit: Clove Hall

Looking for a retreat from the stifling crowded streets of George Town but still want to be within walking distance? Then this hotel might be the one for you. Clove Hall is a private Edwardian Anglo-Malay bungalow that offers six individual suites, each heavily inspired by the colonial setting from the British settlement period in Penang. This tiny refuge will no doubt be a comfortable stay for you in Penang. The rates are not exactly cheap, but if you are willing to pay for high quality accommodation and services then this should be no problem for you.

For more information on Clove Hall, call 04-229 0818 or visit here.

4. Hotel Penaga

Photo credit: fotoyong / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Located in the heart of George Town, this adapted ante-bellum hotel still carries an aura from the British colonial times. Penaga’s very own garden used to be a lorong (alley), but is now a lush, evergreen refuge for every back room of the hotel, allowing guests to enjoy some fresh air from the crowded streets in town. The hotel’s authentic decors such as the coconut chairs from Guangzhou and the parasols from Chiang Mai create the finishing touches for this charming hotel.

For more information on Hotel Penaga, call 04-261 1891 or click here.


5. Lone Pine Hotel

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Batu Ferrighi’s only affluent boutique hotel is nestled among the picturesque Penang coastline, making it Penang’s favourite beachside boutique hotel. Modernized but still with an archaic English setting, the Lone Pine Hotel has 130 beautiful rooms. About 90 of these rooms face the beachside. Staying at the Lone Pine Hotel is perfect for a family weekend getaway, as the hotel offers a big green, garden space, and a clean beach to soak in some sun.

For more information on Lone Pine Hotel, call 04-886 8686 or visit here.

6. Macalister Mansion

Photo credit: / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

This century old colonial mansion establishes a new level of refined accommodation with a touch of eccentricity to it. The exterior design is very much like an English mansion; however, the interior design is presented in a modern, contemporary style, installing a fusion of the past and present. Each room is designed in a swanky, sleek and chic fashion, bestowing the guests with an excellent accommodation. If you plan to stay here, be prepared to pay a substantial amount a night; a small price to pay if you want to live like a baron/baroness at this luxury mansion.

For more information on Macalister Mansion, call 04-228 3888 or visit here.

7. Museum Hotel

Photo Credit: Museum Hotel

Be greeted by the old colonial charm as you walk through this hotel.  The Museum Hotel’s minimalistic room design focuses on the historic ambiance from the past era, thus, displaying a large portion of genuine antiques around the corridors, and contemporary paintings hung on white-washed walls. Furthermore, the Museum Hotel owns an extensive collection of vintage antiques for guests to observe. These collections are placed in a semi-hidden corner, making it look like a small private museum.

For more information on Museum Hotel, call 04-226 6668 or visit here.

8. Seven Terraces

Photo credit: oldandsolo / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

A converted row of Anglo-Chinese terraces, this newly developed hotel has already received quite a few praises. The Oriental-themed Seven Terraces is equipped with only 18 suites, all fully furnished with antique Chinese furniture. These include Chinese-carved poster beds to mother of pearl Blackwood ceremonial chairs. The hotel also has a lavish mosaic lap pool and a Peranakan-themed restaurant.

For more information on Seven Terraces, call 04-264 2333 or visit here.

9. The Boutique Residence Hotel

Photo Credit: The Boutique Residence Hotel

Fused with a modern and prevailing style, this charming hotel is located on the grounds of its old trading port’s shop house, and is surrounded by complex connections of underground tunnels and hidden passages, which date back to the spice trade days. The Boutique Residence Hotel is within walking distance from many tourist attractions and restaurants, and only 10 minutes away from the Penang Ferry Terminal.

For more information on The Boutique Residence Hotel, call 04-263 9133 or visit here.

10. Yeng Keng Hotel

Photo Credit: The Yum List

Yeng Keng Hotel is located nearby Penang’s famous street foods, hawker stalls, and even fine dining restaurants. The grand Chinese entrance gate cannot be missed when you approach this Oriental Chinese inspired hotel. Those on a budget should check this hotel out as it provides good quality rooms with reasonable prices. A great bargain, especially if you want to stay within walking distance of Penang’s famous food places.

For more information on Yeng Keng Hotel, call 04-262 2177 or visit here.

So there you have it, an overview of boutique hotels in Penang for you to choose from when you visit the island next.

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