Barack Obama Sends Letter to Penang-Born Autistic Artist

Photo Credit: Hasnoor Hussain, Malaysian Insider

The President of the United States Barack Obama sent a letter to an 11-year old autistic artist, Delwin Cheah Wien Loong, thanking him for his gift, which is a book of his drawings title “I Can Draw.” The book was published two years ago when Delwin held his first art exhibition. Delwin and his parents have no idea who had sent the book to Obama.

Penang-born Delwin is the “Youngest Artist To Hold A Solo Visual Art Exhibition (Austism Spectrum Disorder) in the Malaysia Book of Records. He is also the United States’ Record Setter for “World’s Youngest Savant Artist (ASD) to hold a Solo Exhibition.”

According to the Malaysian Insider, Delwin and his family had met Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah before this, due to his achievements. And now, he has a letter from President Barack Obama!

In the letter, Obama has praised Delwin on his achievements. He also wrote that “the world needs young people like you who are trying hard in school, serving your community, and dreaming big dreams.”

Delwin’s parents have been trying to reach out to other parents with autistic children, to remind them to never give up, and to inspire them with the story of their own son, who was discovered to have Asperger’s Disorder at age five. Delwin also has an IQ of 114, making him the world’s youngest Savant artist today.

Read the full story here to learn more on Delwin.

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