Malaysian Artist Uses 20,000 Tea Bags to Create Image of a Teh Tarik Man

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Malaysian Artist Uses 20,000 Tea Bags to Create Image of a Teh Tarik Man2

Photo Credit: Red Hong Yi, Instagram

Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi has come up with a brand new illustration. This time around, she used 20,000 tea bags to illustrate a man preparing a popular Malaysian drink, the teh tarik!

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Her latest creation is titled: Teh Tarik Man and took two months of planning, designing and documenting.

Watch the video below to see how this latest illustration was created.

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Sharmini Suloch

Amazing…thanks Girish …sharing!

Grace Adams

Just amazing and very talented!!

Dermo Curran

A political party maybe? The Bentong ….not Boston Tea Party.

Vinod Manoharan

my mom used to make baja (fertilizers) for plants :/

Cristine Mandasari

Udah liat Say, hehehe.. Red Hong Yi is one of my favourite artist :*

Eric Teng

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) time for a tehtarik!

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