Malaysia is One of Seven Emerging Markets worth Putting Your Money in, According to Fortune Magazine

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The New World of Business

According to an article in Fortune magazine, Malaysia is one of seven emerging markets worth putting your money in.

The writer of the article Ian Bremmer wrote, “In Malaysia, the incumbent (Barisan Nasional) government is trying to stay ahead of increased demand for change.” He continued by writing that Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, had scrapped fuel subsidies and will soon implement a 6% Goods and Services Tax come April, to improve Malaysia’s fiscal position.

Bremmer also believes that Prime Minister Najib will likely speed up his Economic Transformation Programme by introducing further tax incentive for foreign investors.

“Further liberalisation of the manufacturing and financial services sectors is likely as well. It is a fair bet that as growth tapers in China (and the impact of that slowdown is felt in Malaysia), Najib’s government will feel pressured to boost public spending on infrastructure, education and health care.

“That is a good thing, particularly if authorities, as expected, continue to advance a broad fiscal reform agenda, with support from the middle class, to balance the nation’s budget by 2020,” Bremmer wrote.

The article, titled The New World of Business, was published in the February 2015 issue of Fortune magazine. The other six emerging markets mentioned are India, Indonesia, Mexico, Columbia, Poland and Kenya.

Watch Fortune’s Video Explaining Why You should Focus on These Seven emerging Markets, Including Malaysia.

Fortune is an American business magazine published globally by Time Inc.

Read the full article here.


Source: Fortune Magazine

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Choo Keang Wooi

Hahah…for real ? Sinking because of serious corruption

Reggie Abraham

Really ? Joke of the year…….hahahahahaha…..

Avan Khoo

It isn’t completely wrong… But investors are in not to enrich or help this place develop… They are here because they see that there’s an opportunity to rig our money… With weak administration, loop holes, and back doors, they set rules that is beneficial to them only… And we will sign the approval… Money might seem to pour in, but not really into the national fund. Instead it may be headed into someone’s pocket.

So, we may look developed, or growing… But it’s all empty shell. Money is flowing away from us… And we are being lured to pump in more money for them to play with… Unless, of course you are part of the “rule makers” or one with them in exploiting the system…

Ignatius J Bunsuan

Reallyyyyy…are you kidding?

Sunil Kumar Suppiah

Yup it’s a very good Plc to dump yr money n watch it grow in someone else’s pocket. ..

Today's Chia Boon Woo

Then put more money and see how.

Mike Samaravera

Wonder how much ads they bought into the magazine.

Linda Liao

definitely worth to put a lot of money in after they put anwar in jail for sodomising a young man who is much stronger physically! I found it incredible a 60 yr old could force his way from behind into a 24 yrs old, without his consent. but then again, maybe consent or not does not counts, put a lot of money will count, for sure.

Kevin Tam

This article only showed that writer/writers of Fortune doesn’t understand and know Malaysia well enough, I guess.

Ibnu Yusof

true bcoz ringgit is very2 cheap

Jasbeer Singh

I think 1MDB might have bought Fortune up or Fortune might be setting up china for a fall.

Aaron Ting

Putting your money in a country where there is rule of law? C’mon! Take it from a Malaysian.. This country is ruled by racist Malay supremacist.. Good luck dumb foreigners!

Felix Lim

Yes, put your money, it will vanished away as fast as you put in too!

Trudy Bronya Moreno

Walter, love the submerging one business down dramatically, and this aint NO ACCIDENT!!

Jehan Abdul Aziz

Good place to put money into . if you can bring it in and keep it long enough .

Kaveh Gholizadehgan

According to whom?! Lol! Nice try! Lol

James Connor

fake, i am here, the country is sinking

Walter D'Costa

Emerging or submerging??? Looks like a timebomb to me….

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