Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan is coming to Malaysia in May

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Dog behavioural expert Cesar Millan (aka the Dog Whisperer) will be in KL in May, to help you with your dog training problems.

This will be the first time the dog whisperer will visit Malaysia.

The Mexican American is a self-taught dog trainer and is popular for his television series, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. The series documents Millan’s journey as he visits pet owners with canine issues, and teaches them how to be a strong pack leader by exercising, disciplining and caring for their dogs. The show premiered on the National Geographic Channel in 2004, and became one of the channels No.1 show during its first season. He has also helped Hollywood celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Nicolas Cage and more.

Millan’s aim is to help rehabilitate dogs and help train people how to have a balanced relationship with their canines. In his upcoming show in KL, members of the audience will learn how to have a better and happier life with their dogs, as Millan will be sharing some valuable lessons. There will also be a live training session where Millan will demonstrate some new techniques and other tips.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to bring your canine with you for the show.

For more details, click here.

Watch Cesar Millan teach celebrity Kathy Griffin how to train her dogs:

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Brian Melling

There will be morons who’d make an issue outta this.

Teh Su-Ann

I bet at least one group will protest his visit… It might shake the belief foundations of a certain delicate group of people

Caroline Yeoh

He is not dead, do not believe in anything people post on facebook or publish by media just to speculate rumours. If he is dead, he won’t be able to visit Malaysia himself. And make sure the organizer and authority keeps the dogs away or muslim people away from the area, will always create issues even it meant no harms especially the dogs.

Sameeta Kaur Sekhon

N Lina Ismail, I won’t be around

N Lina Ismail

Sameeta Kaur Sekhon Yvonne Yeoh Ran Aein Hasim Yat T Ali jom pergi nak?

Haida Illiani

Stuart Yeomans ❤️❤️

May Yee Lee

AiVee ChongEileen ChuaLiLing Wong let’s go!!!!

Eileen Chua

Check the entrance fees?

May Yee Lee

Super expensive.. Hahaah

AiVee Chong

Not his fans~thank you~

Annie Har

Thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to seeing you.

Tessie Pakeer

Malaysian government will have no problem with him as long as no tudungs there!

Jay Jingo

You are brave one !!! Keep it up.

Sreena Ananda

Did he resurrect from the dead to sort out our canines in KL??

Jason Chong

Welcome to GST.. Cesar Millan

Kannilatha Subramaniam

I hope msian government will allow him to run his show without any problems! !

Vno Krish Pillai

Kannilatha Subramaniam !!!!!

Saravana Rao

Buanes Magendaran Sugan Gunalan

Silq E Juice

great, I thought he would help people with troubled dogs, but instead he’s holding a show and only allow his dogs to be there. Check the details. lol

Christine Puerto

Too expensive! How to effort tickets like this? So I guess people who can afford and rich can! U pay for the ticket like this we rather help the furry kids the strays who we have to feed them everyday ! So sad can’t go

Azman A. Hamid

Big fucking deal. Let me alert BBC and Oprah

Julyn Chin

Alexander Theseira can we please?

Sam Loh

Kit Thong, Wei-Yuen Loh – check this out.

Lisa Camillo

Alister Khadembashi you should go learn

Hikki Amanda

Samantha Yip Stella Seng He is coming!

Vince Adam

bad timing, I am in US at that period and he is KL…arghhhh

Suhannia Ponnusamy

Ponnusamy Suppiah Krishma Kanagarajah

Rebecca Fox

I heard.. Can’t wait to meet him

Neo KuoChue

i thought he is dead..

Sajiv Nair

read all the comments….many do….lol

Azlan Adnan

But don’t give a rat’s arse. What’s so fucking difficult about training a dog?

Pauline Shanmugam

I’m going!!!!!!!!!! Woooooohooooo!

Annabelle Antoine Raj

I can’t wait to see him. My Bruno and whisky need his touch…:)

Mummy Saera

Faisal Ali bukan dia dh mati ke?

Daniel Chin

If you wanna know he’s dead or not, Google helps you know. Type his name, and scroll down to latest news for conformation 🙂

Wen Dee Tan

Milo needs to meet him.. lol @sharmeen

Rachel Blair Turner

Elspeth Blair-Turner for meisje?

Elspeth Blair-Turner

She would be a real challenge. Bet he’s never met anyone quite like her

Rachel Blair Turner

who knows. but it could save her life which is the ideal goal

Elspeth Blair-Turner

:). Our method so far is working. All 3 curled up sleeping just now. Peace at the moment

Cherry Willis

No one should have an issue with this, he teaches the owners how to make their dogs more socially acceptable and good to be around. His techniques work, even my Lhasa apso knows I’m the pack leader in our house, and they can be stubborn wee dogs, she still tries to push the boundaries with her’daddy’ who is a big softy but then the pack leader intervenes. And everything is done in a very kind way, no raised voices etc. Wish I could get to see him again.

Keong Ng

hope no Anti Dog groups make issue on this

Cherry Willis

Kerry Bassett, you must go see him. Saw him in Belfast a couple of years ago….brilliant. X

Stefany Anne Brown

If he can get our dog out of our bed, he’s a better man than ne!

Karen Ann Donald

Oh gosh. I will give him a lot of money if he would come and sort out my four dogs.

Caroline Dawn Olijnyk

Stefany Anne Brown Rik Finch

Olivier Guia

Stefanie Jeremiah and Kartina Sari Ahmad Baktair

Danny Loh Kin Seng

At least I know he is still alive

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