You Need RM300,000 to Buy These Cars in Malaysia

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How much money do you need to purchase your dream car? Well, that depends on the car in question. In Malaysia, RM300,000 (approximately 78, 571 USD) can get you a pretty cool set of imported wheels. Apparently, cars in the US are a lot cheaper to purchase, sometimes retailing at almost half the amount you pay for in Malaysia.

To give you a clearer picture of how much car prices vary between these two countries, take a look at the price comparisons in the list below, which will reveal what kind of cars you can actually get in Malaysia if you have RM 300,000.

Note: Prices may vary depending on currency and market rate. The prices below are based on the latest (28 July, 2015) currency rate of USD 1 = RM3.80

1. 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 Sedan (C-Class)


  • In Malaysia: RM325,800
  • In the US: USD38,400 (RM145,920)
  • 55.21% cheaper in the United States

2. 2016 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI


  • In Malaysia: RM284,900
  • In the US: USD42,900 (RM163,020)
  • 42.78% cheaper in the United States

3. BMW 420i Coupe


  • In Malaysia: RM 297,800
  • In the US: USD40,300 (RM153,140)
  • 48.58% cheaper in the United States

4. Lexus IS 250


  • In Malaysia: RM265,799.94
  • In the US: $36,550 (RM 138,700)
  • 47.82% cheaper in the United States

5. MINI Cooper S Coupé


  • In Malaysia: RM 247,888.00
  • In the US: USD22,000 (RM83,600)
  • 66.30% cheaper in the United States

6. Volvo XC60


  • In Malaysia: RM288,888
  • In the US: USD36,400 (RM138,320)
  • 52.20% cheaper in the United States

7. Volkswagen Golf R


  • In Malaysia: RM251,888
  • In the US: USD36,595 (RM110,105)139,061)
  • 44.79% cheaper in the United States

8. Honda Odyssey


  • In Malaysia: RM229,030
  • In the US:USD28,975 (RM110,105)
  • 51.93% cheaper in the United States

9. Nissan Murano


  • In Malaysia: RM330,664
  • In the US: USD29,560 (RM112,328)
  • 66.03% cheaper in the United States

10. Toyota 86 (known as 2015 Scion FR-S in the United States)


  • In Malaysia: RM 242,456.80
  • In the US: USD26,000 (RM98,800)
  • 59.25% cheaper in the United States

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Pincha Forget

USD to Ringgit is RM3.92 as per today so.. ?

Adam Salleh

Jen Yang Lim
Ze Yann
Bhuven Raj Asogan

Halim Hassan

Nothing new. Check Japanese car prices vis a vis Malaysia’s.

Benjamin Lee

Wow. That is strange pricing. Some of the luxury European models are less percentage wise than the more budget Japanese cars. Nevertheless, extremely higher prices than US.

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