Malaysia Needs This Air Purifying Tower

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Check out this massive air purifying tower currently located at Rotterdam park, that is sucking all the smog out of the air, or at least, a decent portion of it.

Called the Smog Free Tower, the device is a collaboration between Dutch designer Dann Roosegaarde, Delft Technology University researcher Bob Ursem, and European Nano Solutions, a green tech company in the Netherlands. The tower is nearly 23 feet tall and can purify up to 1 million cubic feet of air every hour.

According to Roosegaarde, the Smog Free Tower can clean a small neighborhood when it is up and running for the day.

How does it Work?


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Here’s the technical bit. As explained by, the tower works by ionizing airborne smog particles. Particles that are smaller than 10 micrometers in diameter are small enough to inhale. This can be harmful to ones heart and lungs. A radial ventilation system at the top of the tower draws in dirty air to its chamber where particles smaller than 15 micrometers are given a positive charge. Then, the positively charged particles attach themselves to a grounded counter electrode in the chamber. Clean air is then released through vents in the lower part of the tower.

Given the current haze situation, it would be a great idea to have this air purifying tower in Malaysia.

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Osamah M Kiwan

Better if Indonesia paid for it.

Szu-Khiam Ooi

Don’t lah BUT we need an incinerator for Jibby and that fat Hippo

Aya Chen

Not really, imagine the budget set at Rm 1b, then the materials and cost is only Rm 1m. The rest went as donation…..

Oon Min Jeh

We don’t spend excessive amount of money on this. We just need to stop burning trees !!!!!!! That is the root cause !!!!!!!

Debbie Sparham Martin

Let’s just get the idiots that cause trouble for our plant !!!

John Lim

Think we also need a giant shit-shoveler to be installed in putrajaya. At the very least we ought to be the regions largest supplier of cow fertiliser.

Marcus Piers Osborne

Might need more than one if it wants to clear the bullshit too

Murthy Krisnan

BN will be happy new project

Kenichi San

It won’t purify shit coz wit how da contractor build things here, it’ll b dangerous 2 da public as anything moving wld fall/collapse.

Raymond YYk

How much $$$ needed to build ? We can ask our great PM to build the tower from it’s 2.6 billion received from donations….. cheers MALAYSIA

Raymond YYk

How much $$$ need to build this thing ? We can ask our good PM to used the 2.6 billion donation;

Faz Lawrence

Better build a corruption purifying complex…!! Ha ha ha

Ikechukwu Apugo

Talking about Purification??

Rachel Wng

Maybe in 100years time..

Linnea Welker

Ha! Good call Alyssa/ AW Alexander!!!

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