Swimming in Malaysia: Why You Should Do It

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Due to Malaysia’s warm and humid weather from morning to evening, one of the more refreshing workouts you can do that not only keeps you fit but also lets you cool off is to take a swim. Swimming burns calories, tones muscles due to the water’s resistance against the body, and is also relaxing on the mind.

Where to Swim


Most condominiums come equipped with a pool, so make use of the facilities if you live in one. However, if you don’t have access to a private pool, there are various public pools around KL that you can frequent for a minimal fee of RM1 to RM4 per entry. Some of the more popular ones include Kompleks Renang Bangsar, Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur, National Aquatics Centre in Bukit Jalil, and PJ Palms Sport Centre. You can also join a country club like Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Club and Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, which usually have well-maintained Olympic-sized swimming pools, and where they also offer swimming classes on a regular basis.
Beach swimming is not possible around KL, but when in vacation-planning mode, remember there are many islands around Malaysia ideal for swimming, places where the water is clear and pristine, such as the Perhentian Islands, Redang Island, and Coral Bay in Pangkor.

Swimming it off


As an exercise, swimming has loads of benefits. The no-ground impact serves as a good way to protect the joints from stress, and it’s recommended for elderly people as well as people with arthritis. Due to this, it’s also an exercise you can do for a lifetime. Learning to swim can not only save your life someday, but it can also be a skill you can use forever to keep yourself in shape, as besides burning off those pesky calories, it also builds muscle mass, improves cardio-respiratory fitness and blood flow, while keeping your body lean and flexible.

The Strokes


As anyone who has watched enough swimming competitions would know, there are different strokes and techniques to swimming. Learn different strokes to mix up your routine and target specific areas of your body. Knowing the difference can also help you find the most comfortable one for you, or the most challenging, depending what you stand to gain from swimming. The front crawl is the most common, and is the best choice for fast-paced, quick swimming, as it increases power and speed. The front crawl works the chest and back muscles. The breaststroke, also common, requires coordination to move your lower and upper body in sync, and is great for building muscle and cardio fitness. The backstroke is the least intensive, best for a recovery swim or just to relax, while the butterfly is the hardest, working the back, chest, and shoulders simultaneously while providing an intensive metabolism boost.

Clearing the Mind


Swimming also has wonderful relaxing properties. As you glide through the water, the soothing quiet and rhythmic motions have the benefit of allowing you to take some time off from any stress in your life. The stretching and contracting properties when you swim encourage endorphins and leave a sense of well being comparable to doing yoga. Furthermore, it’s something you can do as a family, as it’s a great way to encourage swimming among your children by inspiring them to follow in your footsteps and bonding with them in the process. It is also a good idea for a fun social activity, with the benefit of relaxing and beating the afternoon heat, while catching up with your friends over some BBQ, drinks, and some fun pool games.

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Source: The Expat magazine October 2015

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