Kota Bharu’s Riverside

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Introduction to the Riverside


Kota Bharu has a pretty interesting riverside. To get here, head to the Kelantan River on Jalan Tengku Besar, right next to the famous ‘Menara Tinjau,’ near Ridel Hotel.

For an evening of stalls, strolls and snacks, this is the perfect hangout with a string of eating joints and shops along the stretch of river. There are a number of hotels situated within the radius making it easy for tourists to walk down the road leading to the riverside.



The riverside offers a different set of activities in the morning and at night. The mornings are meant for those who want to enjoy boat rides or just to take in the beauty while on a quiet stroll. The highlights of the late night scene are as follows:

Walk-a-long: Walk along the neatly paved path overlooking the river. As you walk, stop by the stalls that serve delicious fried chicken and mutton and iced beverages, with a number of tables and chairs spread out on the pavement.

Observation tower: The 150 metre-tall observation tower, or ‘Menara Tinjau Tambatan,’ offers a bird’s eye view of the city. This viewing tower is adorned with pictures all along the stairway, depicting how much Kota Bharu has changed with time.

Amphitheatre: Straight down at the heart of the area is an amphitheatre, where a number of events take place from time to time. Posters and banners of the upcoming events and other happenings are displayed here.


Skating rink: A rink for skating enthusiasts overlooks the river. Get your roller skates and have some fun under the cool skies while enjoying the lovely breeze!


Roadside: The roadside right next to the tower has a wall with depictions, or better known as street art, of dragons, dancers and more. This street art is beautifully lighted up with lights that change colours every few seconds. Another highlight on the road is a lit-up horse chariot-ride.

Snacking: ‘Ali’s’ – a stall that sells chicken burgers, chicken strips, ice-blended beverages and more is a very famous eating joint by the river. There is a sausage-vendor at the end of the street, selling sausages and more, accompanied with spicy and sweet sauces. Then, there is the ‘Biker’s Cafe’ – a theme-based cafe that has bikes and bike gear on the ground floor, with an open-air restaurant on the first floor. The cafe offers membership to bikers and has special cycle runs for the night as well.

Stalls: Numerous stalls for knick-knacks are available. Here, one can go crazy shopping for bags, jeans, clothes, wallets, purses, cables, electronics, mobile covers, caps and other trinkets.

Mini China Town: Kim Leng, a famous bar and joint for youngsters, is right down the road in what we refer to as the ‘Mini China Town’. Located next to the bar are salons and restaurants serving succulent Chinese food.

Head That Way…


So, if you ever face the “Where does the town chill post 9 pm?” conflict, you know where to head to. A vibrant yet peaceful place, it really picks up after 9 pm, when juice and squash stalls are up and about and burgers and chicken fritters are ready to be served hot; where families unwind, chill and relax and kiddies play.

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