ERL Tickets Between KL Sentral and KLIA to Cost RM20 More


Photo credit: KLIA Express, Facebook

Beginning 1 January 2016, those taking the Express Rail Link (ERL) from KL Sentral to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA/ KLIA2) will have to pay RM55, which is RM20 more than the previous price, for a one-way ticket.

The price revision was approved by the Government through the Land Public Transport Commission in accordance with Section 120 of the Land Public Transport Act 2010.

According to a statement by ERL, the new rate is actually a discounted rate, as the authorised rate was set at RM64.

Nevertheless, ERL will work with its partners to find ways to offer attractive discounts. For instance, passengers are encouraged to buy their tickets online through the mobile app and from ERL’s kiosk as they could enjoy 10% off.

Touch ‘n Go card users could save 10% during promotional period and travellers could also save RM10 by purchasing return tickets.

This is the first price revision for ERL tickets since it commenced operations almost 14 years ago.

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Peter Andersen

With KLIA2 on stream I experienced a few times to have to stand up from KLIA1 to Sentral. Summing up to reduced service level at higher prices.

Jawith Aliar Shawkath Ali

Take the bus, share taxi
Boycott, don’t use ERL

Kamaljit Singh

Well…. Let’s just ask our prime minister…..

Anselm Richter

Tourist arrivals for 2015 in malaysia are down, not up. Some tourists have complained that Malaysia is too expensive while service quality can be weak. That’s really a step into the wrong direction. Fortunately, there are also cheap buses to airport

Marie Chee

Jibbee make coffers pokai big time… Toll hikes, transport hikes…next we must pay to fart as well. Hoping for miracle tomorrow.

Eroll Netto

Now everyone can ride on SkyBus! ?

Mohamed Isahaq

WHY this expensive
ERL train
USE the KTM train

Chris Frankland

Up up up. Gotta pay for 1 MDB somehow.

Sukan Jaruyothin

Then it’s better to take Uber. No need to get taxi to Senteal then the train.

Richard Hill

Soon the train will be out of service..only rich tourist will take it…backpackers will take bus.. I ll take either the cab..or the some money for meals..cos even makan cos a ton now..

Mohamed Isahaq

Can be replaced by the
KTM trains
a bit late also nevermind
60KM × 0.15 = RM 9.00 .

U Angel Leah Grace

What the heck? why increased that much??..

Sandeep Kaur Johar

Taxi will be cheaper I Guess

Leandra Thomas

110 RM for 2 people on KLIA Express? Budget taxi door to door 75 RM !

Joon Hamid

Might as well share a taxi with others or take RM10 bus for direct drop off at KL Sentral

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