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7 recipes to cook up in celebration of International Coffee Day

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This is part of an editorial series where we bring you video tutorials and recipes on how to cook Southeast Asian meals at home.

International coffee day is upon us! Whether you celebrate this buzzing day on 29th September, like Malaysia and more than 15 other countries, or celebrate the day on 1st October which was agreed by the International Coffee Organization to be the official International Day of Coffee, I’m sure we can all agree that coffee makes the world go round.

So, we’ve compiled this list of coffee-related recipes to help you celebrate the world’s favourite seed.

1. Mexican coffee buns, a.k.a Rotiboy

We kick off with luscious Mexican buns. If you’ve never tried the rich, butter buns at Rotiboy, I highly recommend you do. The aroma of coffee and bread wafting from any Rotiboy bakery is enough to send you into a food coma, and the waiting time is well worth it for the delicious, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside buns. The best part is that these are easy enough to make at home with this recipe from Savoury Days Kitchen, so you can skip the long queues!

2. Roast chicken with coffee rub

Now, we’re quite familiar with coffee in desserts – everything from coffee cake to ice cream. But using coffee in savoury dishes, though unusual, is nothing new. Since coffee can be a a strong and bitter flavour, it actually works very well in meaty dishes. This coffee rubbed roasted chicken recipe from RecipeTVPH is a good starting point to start exploring savoury coffee dishes.

3. Top sirloin roast with coffee rub

Another meat that goes well with coffee is beef. This recipe from Bakar Meats is a simple roast beef that’s been coated is a rich home made coffee scrub, then roasted until the meat is super tender. If you want something a little spicier, you can always add a little more chilli powder to the rub mix.

4. Coffee barbecue sauce

Now that you have a plate of luscious, tender meat, you’ll need some sticky barbecue sauce to boost the flavours. This coffee barbecue sauce by LeGourmetTV is easy enough to whip up. You might just want to have it every day, instead of just on International Coffee Day.


5. Coffee and condensed milk panna cotta

To wrap up your coffee meal, you’ll want some coffee dessert. This panna cotta recipe on Food Network UK is inspired by Vietnamese coffee, which is my favourite type of coffee. It’s strong, sweet, and creamy – the perfect dessert to celebrate the ancient coffee bean.

6. Vietnamese egg coffee

This isn’t your standard cup of coffee. Egg coffee has one of the creamiest froths of all frothy coffees, and according to this tutorial by MokaBees, it tastes like liquid tiramisu. How can any coffee lover say no to that?

7. Thai coffee cocktail

Instead of ending your meal with an espresso, you can opt for something a little stronger with this Thai coffee cocktail made with very simple ingredients by Pailin’s Kitchen. If you don’t have Thai coffee, just replace it with your favourite brand of strong coffee and you’re good to go.


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