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You can now sell your car in 24 hours, with Carsome.my

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This post is brought to you in part by Carsome.my.

Are you leaving Malaysia but not sure how to sell your car? Have you tried listing sites but you find them too troublesome and time-consuming? Selling a vehicle can involve a lot of hassle and paperwork – as we’ve stated here. But there is an easier way: now, you can opt for selling your car via Carsome – Malaysia’s first automotive website that provides fast, fair and free car selling service with full transparency.

Here are four ways that using Carsome will make your life easier and help you get the best price from the used car dealers’ market:

1. It’s possible to complete the transaction in just 24 hours

Selling a car can take a long time, especially when you’re doing it on your own. There are inspections, negotiations, and paperwork before actually selling – and that’s if the first person who enquires actually decides to buy your car. The entire process can easily take months.

With Carsome, you can sell your car within 24 hours if you choose to accept their final offer right after the inspection; or you can opt for a three-hour bidding where certified used car dealers across Malaysia will have access to bid for your car, and at the end you have 48 hours to accept the highest offer. There are currently over 400 certified used car dealers on Carsome and counting.

2. There’s no hassle with paperwork

Of course, when you’re selling something as big as a car, you’ll have plenty of paperwork to sort through. Buyers will be looking for properly maintained, reliable vehicles and they may even want to have their own mechanic inspect the car.

Not to mention, you’ll have to get an Ownership Transfer Inspection report by PUSPAKOM (Malaysia’s vehicle inspection company), prepare a number of documents and perform the ownership transfer together with the buyer at JPJ (the Road Transport Department).

With Carsome, they have an in-house team to inspect the car themselves, to determine the final offer. If you opt for the bidding process, Carsome will include their own inspection report for the dealers to view before placing their bids.

Even the ownership transfer will be done by Carsome – all you need to do is to be present at their office. It’s hassle-free – from vehicle inspection to bidding to ownership transfer and payment, you only have to deal with Carsome and no other parties.

Credit: Shamleen / Shutterstock, Inc.

3. You can get the best offer from used car dealers

When it comes to money, you’ll want to take into account how old the car is as well as the current outstanding loan, mileage and general condition. At least one potential buyer will try to negotiate a lower price based on every perceived flaw.

With Carsome, you’ll be able to watch the bids being made on your car via their real-time transparent bidding system; and the price you see is what you get, with no markdowns or hidden charges. Carsome has dealers all over the country, which increases the chance and amount of potential bidders.

While you can get the best offer sitting comfortably in front of your computer, you get to save some time and energy too as you no longer have to visit the used car dealerships one by one to haggle with each of them.

4. Payment on closing the deal will be instant

With a normal transaction, you can either opt for cash on delivery, cheque or online transfer. If you’ve agreed on cash on delivery, make sure you include concurrently the full settlement of any outstanding balance to the finance company and then you’ll need to check that your buyer actually comes good on the deal.

Payment will not be a hassle with Carsome since they will ensure that payment is wired into your bank account instantly via online banking once the transfer of ownership goes through. The amount will be reflected in your bank account usually within one working day, just as with nearly all online transactions.

More details and how it works

All of the above are 100% free; Carsome doesn’t charge the seller any fees at all. To summarise, here’s a flowchart of how selling works in Carsome:


You can find out the estimated value of your car for free using this handy tool:

Check out their reviews by customers here: facebook.com/pg/CarSome.my/reviews

Address: A-G-5 Parklane Commercial Hub, Jalan SS7/26, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +60 3-7499 2823


For more details including valuations, visit www.carsome.my.

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