10 Fun Ways to Gift Wrap this Christmas

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It’s T-13 days till Christmas! Which means we’re just about starting to wrap our gifts (hey, at least we’ve got them ready). If you’re in the same boat as us, we bid you welcome. In our quest to present our presents in a picture-perfect, Instagrammable presentation (we just had to), we’ve scoured Pinterest and various craft blogs for fun gift wrap ideas to replicate. What we found is a delightful collection of creative wrapping ideas we’ll be using for every gifting occasion.

From pompoms to paper straws, and newspaper to gold-leafed marble paper, there’s sure to be something for everyone on this list. There’s even a pretty floral idea to wrap (or hide, we don’t judge) your bottles of wine. While the main objective is to furnish the gifts and build anticipation for the recipients, wrapping them is a form of art in itself. If making things bring you joy, you’ll be a very happy wrapper by the end of this list.

1. Pompoms

Image credit: @honestlywtf

Make it a pompom party and let your creativity run wild. You could make your own pompoms with wool in your chosen colour theme, or buy them ready made from any art and craft store. Then, the sky’s the limit. The pompoms can be stuck apart to look like confetti, or even to create a particular shape — think a scoop of ice cream in a cone, Rudolph’s nose, or even a flamingo for a summery Christmas.

2. Recycle your papers

Image credit: The Green House

Looking to get rid of all those music sheets you were forced to practice? Why not put them to good use while reducing your clutter. It works with old books, newspapers, and maps too. String on some round wooden beads or pine cones if you can find them, for a more festive or personal touch. Brownie points to you for being eco-friendly this year!

3. Fresh sprigs

Image credit: Pure Wow

If you have a herb garden, this will be perfect. Just snip off some sprigs and slip them onto your gifts for a fresh, fragrant, and eco-friendly gift wrap. Get inspired here.

4. Candy toppers

Image credit: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Easy, breezy, with the help of candy. Any loose candy packages will do well as you can squeeze the middle to create a bow, but we’re sure nobody would complain if you used a chocolate bar instead.

5. Party straw stars

Image credit: Splash of Something

A little bit of geometry action and a few paper straws will get you these festive stars. Make a whole bunch as gift toppers, or you could also hang them on your tree if you like. Get to stringing with these instructions.

6. Put your baking skills to good use

Image credit: Honestly Yum

These gift tags are… yes, gingerbread! If you’re going to be baking them anyway, might as well do the kill two birds with one stone thing, right? Though we do recommend making the tags as close as possible to when you’ll be passing the gifts over, to avoid them from being nibbled at by all sorts of critters – furry or non-furry family members alike. For a gingerbread recipe that’s thinner and sturdier, go here.

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7. Gold-leafed wrapping paper

Image credit: The Lovely Drawer

Marble is love, marble is life. Well, maybe not but it easily elevates any gift or styled photo, don’t you agree? For your friends who appreciate elegant aesthetics, upgrade marble wrapping paper with gold foil to blow their socks off. There’s a tutorial you can follow here.


8. For the bottles

Image credit: Lia Griffith

Instead of buying pretty paper bags for the bottles, you can turn them into beautiful flowers with some crepe paper and time. Pretty good way of hiding the wine too, if you ask us. See how to wrap some vino here.

9. Leather-stamped wraps

Image credit: Paper N Stitch Blog

Add a stylish personal touch to each gift with some stamped leather strips. While you would need to get some tools for the process, think of all the things you could stamp initials on! Whether it’s your kids’ pencil case strap or even your own wallet, it’s a fun thing, leather-stamping. Check out the how-to here.

10. Cloth wraps

Image credit: Shopmonolab

For another environment-friendly idea, use cloth to wrap your gifts. We saw some really nice Christmassy fabrics on sale at Spotlight the other day, but any cloth will do. The good folks at have put together an easy guide on how to create your very own knotted fabric wrapped gift boxes here.

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