4 Benefits of Getting a Fitness Subscription

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What is a fitness subscription and how can it benefit you? First, check out the types of different classes available in KL to get you excited, then have a look at these things to consider before getting one. Now, here’s a list of benefits you might enjoy when getting a fitness subscription. Hopefully this will help weigh out any pros and cons you were previously considering, and help you make the decision once and for all. Knowing what you like or otherwise, is an important step to identifying yourself as more of a non-membership, gym membership, or fitness subscription person. Just keep in mind that joining or staying away from any of these is completely your decision, so don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t agree with.


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Admittedly, most of the bigger gyms now offer a staggering amount of different class types. For instance, Celebrity Fitness offers things I’ve never heard of before like Virtual Body Balance, Kukuwa, and Zumba Sentao. Despite that, it’s still difficult to beat a fitness subscription platform that partners more than 20 gyms and fitness studios that likely offer different kinds of classes. Understandably, the latter’s variety will be much greater. From crossfit-centric gyms to studios that focus on dance-based exercises like jazzercise, your range of options should keep you busy trying new things for some time.


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The beauty of fitness subscription platforms is the availability of gyms and studios in many places. So depending on which area in town your work or personal schedule takes you, there should be a participating gym nearby. The freedom and flexibility to go to any participating gym is great, given you don’t mind trying new ones all the time. For those who prefer sticking to one particular gym with a set routine, it might be a better idea to get a gym membership.

Meet new people

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If you’re looking to meet new friends, check out group classes like belly dancing where interaction is key for a successful class. At group classes, you’ll generally be able to tell whether others are there to just work out and keep to themselves, or whether they’re chatty enough to consider striking up a conversation with. The instructors are usually a good place to start, since they probably don’t mind human interaction given the nature of their job.

It becomes a lifestyle

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Depending on which package you choose, there may or may not be a set number of classes to use up within a month. If you opt for something like a 10 class per month deal, the fact that you’ve already paid for it is great motivation to make sure full usage of all 10 classes. This means you’d have to be disciplined and plan your time well, taking travel time and parking into consideration. Spacing out your week with the appropriate number of classes can be challenging, but the satisfaction at the end of the month is worth it. Before you know it, you’ll be so used to the routine of exercising every week that it is now a new habit.

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