Sunway Malls Help Fight HFMD

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In light of the recent outbreak of the hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), Sunway Malls is taking a proactive step to make customers feel safe as well as lower the risk of contracting the disease. Working along side their corporate partner, Kimberley-Clark, Sunway Malls will be placing additional hand sanitisers in Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity Mall, and Sunway Putra Mall.

“It has been found that shopping carts or trolleys are one of the main carriers of the HFMD in Penang. Chances are, it’s the same throughout Malaysia. As a mall operator managing several malls, we need to play a role in protecting our shoppers, especially the children. With Kimberly-Clark on-board as our corporate partner, we know we can do more for our patrons by adding the provisions of Kleenex hand sanitisers in the malls,” said Kevin Tan, COO of Sunway Malls.

“These additional hand sanitisers will be placed at the concierges and our team is developing signs and messages to encourage shoppers with children to use these hand sanitisers when they visit our malls. Kimberly-Clark has also offered their Scott antibacterial wipes to our Concierges, suitable for wiping the baby strollers.”

He also reiterated that the malls follow a strict standard operating procedure when it comes to the operational aspects of the mall, whereby baby strollers are sanitized after every use by the concierge team, and the housekeeping team ensures high traffic areas, such as the indoor playground, baby room, benches, and escalator belt, are sanitised up to four times daily.

“These are efforts we can do within our capacity and since it has been reported that the HFMD this round is spread via trolleys, we have been in touch with all of our supermarkets and grocery stores were assured that they do sanitize their trolleys,” said Kevin.

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