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This post was brought to you by the Alice Smith School.

Part of our mission at the Alice Smith School is to give students a successful international future. Throughout the school, we strive to nurture, inspire and enrich students so that they can make fully informed decisions about their own futures.

Whilst students will be making decisions throughout their school lives, these decisions become even more focused when they reach the Sixth Form. Considering the myriad of opportunities available to them after they graduate from Alice Smith can be a stressful process, and therefore our aim is to inform, guide and support young people and their parents through all aspects of this. 

Our Higher Education programme enables students to learn more about themselves as well as navigate through university admissions and future career paths. This starts in earnest in Year 12, where students have the benefit of a structured weekly lesson covering all aspects of future choices, be that applying to universities anywhere in the world, taking a gap year or going into employment or training. 

In addition to this, students have the opportunity to get a flavour of Higher Education through our academic lunchtime talks and taster lectures presented by representatives from over 50 universities which have recently included the University of Cambridge, King’s College London and the University of Warwick.

Alice Smith is a popular tour venue for universities and we are pleased to be able to host a variety of interesting lectures. These not only allow students to develop academic skills and knowledge, but hopefully inspire them further and give them greater insight into their future paths. 

alice smith school

Alongside a structured programme of activities such as CV workshops, lectures, presentations, interview preparation, university application support and opportunities to meet with a wide range of universities, we also have a dedicated full-time Higher Education Guidance Counsellor to allow all students to have valuable 1:1 support throughout this time. 

As students reach Year 13, we will further support them not just in their applications, but also in making the transition to university and beyond. Ultimately, we want all students to thrive beyond the school academically, socially, physically and emotionally and we take pride in helping students to do this.

We are proud that our recent academic results are consistently excellent placing us among the best British international schools in the world. Year after year, we are incredibly proud of our students’ attainment.

In 2019, our Value Added score was 0.66 for our A level students and 1.65 for our (I)GCSE students

This means that through our stimulating and supportive learning environment and excellent teaching, we added on average half a grade to all students.

Ensuring the Welfare and Well-being of our Students

Students’ well-being is at the centre of all decisions made within the school, and is a key factor in determining the success of our Sixth Form students. 

Transition into Sixth Form begins in Year 11, with detailed guidance and induction to ensure that students feel prepared for life in this new stage of education. Tutors work closely with students to support them in accessing the range of opportunities available, to engage in coaching conversations and monitor academic performance, attendance and well-being. 

alice smith school

Student leadership is a strong feature, with their influence being seen in communicating concerns, encouraging their peers and organising key events.

Specific provision for extra support is available through the mentoring programme, counselors and Sixth Form leadership team. Support for individual needs and English as an Additional Language is also available, and allows for continuity of care from the same specialist staff as students move through the school. 

Life skills are developed through a range of PSHE sessions, discussing social and health issues, and provision of activities such as yoga, cookery and fitness.

We recognise that Sixth Form can be a time of increased pressure for students (and worry for parents), and we aim to offer an environment that allows students to flourish, achieve individual success and to also have a little fun along the way.

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