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Relocation Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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This post is brought to you in part by Crown Relocations.

Dealing with any kind of move has never been an easy task for anyone, even among the most organized of people. Most would be inclined to actually leave all organizing and packing activities for the last minute before the mad rush to D-day, causing the whole experience to be distressing, hectic, and emotionally draining.

This is where Crown Relocations come in. With over 50 years of highly-rated services in the moving industry, they’ve got the whole shebang down to a science! Change is inevitable and most people will be faced with relocating at least several times over the span of their lives, if not more. Hiring the right company to manage your move is not only crucial to your state of mind, it also allows for you to focus on other areas besides physical items.

Let’s take a look at these other areas that need your attention before the packing company turn up at your door on moving day.

Discontinue Before Unplugging

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Make sure to contact your cable or satellite service providers to inform them of your change of address, and remember to cancel any magazine and newspaper subscriptions to your existing residence. This also applies to your Internet service provider. There will usually be a small fee imposed with disconnection, but it depends on the kind of contract you have with them. Be sure to find out if their coverage extends to your next location, if not you will have to change to a different ISP.

Disconnect, Dispose, Remove

Before your Dedicated Move Manager and packing crew arrive, make sure you’ve disconnected all major household appliances such as the refrigerator to allow defrosting, washing machine and dryer, microwave, coffee machine, water heater, and ensure they are cleaned out before being packed away.

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All gas cylinders have to be emptied or returned, and arrange for electricity and gas companies to disconnect any fittings they may have provided from the supply source.

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This will also be the best time to dispose of all unwanted and unused paraphernalia around your home. If there is a need to get rid of things that are more than an unwarranted amount, you might want to consider having a jumble/yard sale. This can guarantee zero wastage and items that are no longer needed but still have use can find a different home.

See to it that wall fixtures are removed, and any holes in the wall can be refilled and touched up if you are in a rented residence. Also, perishable items are not encouraged to be transported so make sure all kitchen pantry items are either used up, given away, or disposed of.

Dangerous Goods

Here are some examples of items that are classified as dangerous goods that cannot be transported:

• Ammunition

• New or partially used cans of paint

• Linseed oil

• Bleach products

• Gas cylinders, turpentine (unless emptied)

• Kerosene

• Gasoline

• Cleaning fluids

• Aerosols (any kinds)

• Vegetable oils

• Chemical sets

Keep All Valuables Safe

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It’s imperative to make sure all important documents such as passports, birth certificates, marriage license, property and vehicle paperwork, veterinary vaccination cards, as well as warranty and insurance copies are packed away in a safe compartment of your travel luggage to be taken with you. This also includes any foreign currency you might have. Your Dedicated Move Manager will also help you to identify all valuable items such as jewelry, family heirlooms, or clothing and footwear that you would need to take with you, or have them insured before being specially packed.

Whatever the concern, Crown Relocations’ expertise goes beyond basic packing and transporting, helping you every step of the way in your moving experience. To know more, read about all the different services provided here.

For more information, visit Crown Relocations’ website here.

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