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3 Reasons a Not-For-Profit School is the Best Choice

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This post was brought to you by the Alice Smith School.

It goes without question that all international schools, like any businesses, need to be sustainable and financially well managed. But look a little deeper and you’ll see two clear types of school, those run ‘for profit’, owned by corporate groups and backed by private equity investors requiring a return, and those that fall into the ‘not-for-profit’ category.

Below we outline three reasons why choosing a not-for-profit school is the best choice for your children.

1. All resources go back to the school

In a not-for-profit school, there are no owners or shareholders looking to make money from the school. This means that all the funds generated are invested back into the school in facilities and teachers.

2. Greater parental involvement

In a not-for-profit school, the school will be owned and run by a society or association made up of parents of children currently enrolled in the school. This means that parents can take an active part in the management of the school and that there is also full transparency on where and how the fees and other school income generated is spent.

3. Better governance

In a not-for-profit setting, the school will be governed by a Board of Directors or Council including representatives elected by the members of the society or association. The Board or Council will provide strategic direction and governance as well as appointing the Head of School.

In a for-profit school, the decisions are often made ‘behind closed doors’ and the strategic direction may be driven by corporate motivations rather than the best interests of the school community.

Alice Smith, the oldest not-for-profit British international school in Malaysia

Being not-for-profit means we can continually invest in upgrading our environment and recruit the best teachers.

The school is owned by the Alice Smith Schools Association (ASSA), which is a not-for-profit educational foundation registered in Malaysia. It was setup to ‘carry on schools for children in the Federation of Malaya (Malaysia)’. Its purpose now is the same as it was at inception: to provide a British education in an international context, focusing on high academic standards, essential life skills and a sense of responsibility to the community.

All parents and guardians of children enrolled at the Alice Smith School are members of ASSA and are entitled to participate in the election of parent governors and attend the ASSA Annual General Meeting.

Our Council of Governors represent the members of the Alice Smith Schools Association (ASSA) in overseeing the strategic and long term future of the school. They work closely with the executive leadership team to ensure the school works successfully towards achieving its short and long term goals which always have the success of our students at their core.

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