Directional Hearing Aids: Good for Drivers and Passengers Alike

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With Malaysia’s new, stricter laws for drink driving, and police roadblocks in place in some areas, taking a Grab car is oftentimes a good solution for easier, safer travel. If you know your route better than your Grab driver and Waze doesn’t show them a quick route to your destination, then you might find yourself becoming a backseat driver! Most of us have experienced how annoying it can be having the person in the back seat try to tell us the best route to get to your destination. If you are wearing a face mask (and these days, you should be), then it can be even more difficult to communicate.

If you or your loved one are losing your hearing then all these things can be even more annoying. This doesn’t have to happen. Wearing directional hearing aids will make it easier for you and your Grab driver to take you where you want to go in safety and comfort.

Directional Hearing Aids

Directionality in hearing aids matters because they provide the best hearing performance in noisy situations. If you are sitting in the driver’s seat, or the back seat, of a car and you are losing your hearing then wearing hearing aids restores your hearing. Directional hearing aids improve the functionality of your hearing aids.

Directional hearing aid systems have two or more microphones separated by a specific distance in the hearing aid. The difference in the arrival time of sound to each of these microphones determines how your hearing aid responds to sound. Directional microphones usually amplify the sound in front of you, but directional hearing aids can be adjusted to rearward-facing directional microphones, too.

When it comes to e-hailing, hearing correctly brings happiness! | Image Credit: Grab

This means that if you are a Grab driver, you can direct your hearing aid microphones towards your back seat passenger, and if you are a Grab passenger, your hearing aid microphones can direct forwards!

Directional systems in hearing aids differ depending on the brand of hearing aids. Some brands of directional hearing aids automatically switch into directional mode when sound is detected and are fully adaptive. A professional audiologist like Clarisound will be able to advise you and your loved ones on the different options available for directional hearing aids currently available on the market, customer feedback on user experience and the most suitable choice of directional hearing aids.

Whether you are a Grab passenger or a Grab driver, if you are losing your hearing then you can find an even better solution to your hearing loss by wearing directional hearing aids. Drop in to Clarisound for a free hearing check and friendly advice on hearing care solutions from one of Clarisound’s professional audiologists. You can even take a Grab to one of our outlets!

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