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Eat Healthy, Taste Italy!

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Enjoy a real taste of authentic Italian goodness with a great new e-commerce initiative from HappyFresh Malaysia!

A year-long e-commerce initiative to promote authentic Italian products via an e-commerce platform and to allow better access for the purchase of Italian products beyond physical stores was recently cemented in a Collaboration Agreement between the Italian Trade Agency of Kuala Lumpur and iCart Malaysia Sdn Bhd, brand owner of HappyFresh Malaysia in a signing ceremony.

Attended by His Excellency Cristiano Maggipinto, the Ambassador of Italy in Malaysia together with Dr. Filippo Fusaro, Trade Commissioner of the Italian Trade Agency, and Hu Hun Hui, Country Managing Director of HappyFresh, the co-funding initiative between the Italian Trade Agency and HappyFresh Malaysia amounts to more than RM1million.

The Mediterranean diet is healthy and delicious! | Image Credit: Business Insider


The Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia, Cristiano Maggipinto, praised the partnership, saying, “The joint initiative is a great opportunity to boost, thanks to the instrument of e-commerce, the consumption of genuine Italian products. It will subsequently allow the market to be aware of the benefits of adopting a true Mediterranean diet and appreciate real Italian ingredients. In addition, with the right partners and through a well-executed marketing plan, the collaboration will also provide an informed platform for consumers to understand the importance of geographical indications in Italian cuisine. The quality of each product is the result of each region’s unique characteristics.”

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Filippo Fusaro, Trade Commissioner of the Italian Trade Agency, “The Italian Trade Agency of Kuala Lumpur will work closely with iCart Malaysia Sdn Bhd through its HappyFresh Malaysia e-commerce platform, on a year-long initiative from April 2021 to end May 2022, to encourage online customers to purchase more ‘Made in Italy’ products.

“Through the ‘Eat Healthy, Taste Italy’ concept, we aim to raise greater awareness of authentic Italian foods and genuine Italian foodways. An integrated marketing campaign – highlighting ‘Made in Italy’ products such as snacks, confectioneries, and cookies among others – has been conceived as part of the plan to increase the online purchase of authentic Italian products. Other strategies include the sharing of lifestyle tips, recipes, and
informative videos,” he explained.

Dr Filippo Fusaro, Trade Commissioner of Italy in Kuala Lumpur and Mr Hu Hun Hui, Managing Director of HappyFresh at Signing Ceremony | Image Credit: ITA


Dr. Fusaro continued, saying, “Our core target is consumers who are interested in the Mediterranean diet, food lovers and culinary enthusiasts who enjoy cooking and trying out new products, food and dishes at home.” The collaboration between the two partners has planned a year-long marketing campaign, to promote both pork-free and non-halal products, across multiple media platforms that will involve newspaper, radio stations, lifestyle magazines, food connoisseurs and key-opinion influencers.”

Hu Hun Hui, Country Managing Director of HappyFresh, joined in, saying, “HappyFresh Malaysia’s core target is those from the middle- and upper-income segment, especially those residing within the Klang Valley area. Not only will the HappyFresh Malaysia e-commerce platform allow online consumers greater access to Italian products and brands, it will also enable and encourage more Malaysian consumers to shop for genuine ‘Made in Italy’ products and brands in the comfort, convenience and safety of their own homes.”

Dr Filippo Fusaro, Trade Commissioner of Italy in Kuala Lumpur; His Excellency Cristiano Maggipinto, the Ambassador of Italy in Malaysia; and the HappyFresh Malaysia team | Image Credit: ITA

Promotions and special features of authentic “Made-in-Italy” products will be available on HappyFresh Malaysia platform from mid-April 2021 onwards. Online shoppers will have the opportunities to purchase a wide array of Italian products across various categories.

Watch this space in the coming weeks and months, as we’ll be letting you know more about this great initiative that will bring the healthy goodness of authentic Italian products a little closer to home!

Healthy, authentic Mediterranean foods… from Italy to Malaysia! | Image Credit: Scripps Health

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